From actual poop to metophorical poop,

03 June 2010

I've never had food poisoning in my life till this week. I do not ever want it to pay a visit to me ever ever again. After cleaning up a trail of green globs of poo from Monkey running to the bathroom, I have trully hit my level of repulsion. Before this week, when the kids were sick it didn't bother me and now I have a WHOLE new outlook on puking, poop, and whining.

Today was my final inspections and it went ehh. Already passed the Fire Department’s yesterday. The first one was fine, no problems passed with flying colors. The second one was preventative meds and that just went down hill faster then Micheal Flatley in Lord of the Dance. The female Captain who came (and I’m using female as nicely as I can because I would much prefer to relate her to a friggen dog right now) literally just pushed past me when I opened the door. I said hello and got absolutely nothing in return. From there she just tore me apart. Wanted to know why I had 2 kids shot records on one piece of paper, hmmm that’s how it printed out from Children Youth Services. I got lectured on Dirt Diver’s PT sneakers for being in a daycare closet, didn’t know that the closet can’t be for both. Plus safety didn’t care they were there either. She decided to lecture me on a bird’s nest that is in a tree in my yard that I never saw. So now I’m supposed to inspect trees as well as my house to make sure that Mother Nature can’t take up camp around my home. Hmm yeah whatever.

By the time she left I really was holding back tears. There is one thing to criticize and give feedback on what needs to be done vs. criticizing and talking down to a person. I can’t handle that at all. I would have LOVED to have opened my mouth but one she is a Captain and two this is for my business.

Add in that there is stuff in the backyard that Dirt Diver has PROMISED to take care of and of course he hasn’t so I got in trouble for that as well. I really REALLY want to burst out “I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO” to him about the yard but really what will that get me? It would just be another argument that will go in circles and end us up in the land of misery like always. So I’m going to ATTEMPT to be a bigger person, bite my tongue and just take care of it myself. It’s really not worth it. As much as I love that man, he just drives me certifiably loony.

With that I'm going to go sit in the sun, watch Monkey and Princess run in the sprinkler while listening to Toby whimper as I try to get him used to having his own little dog run home.

6 Voices:

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Girl I am sorry! I wouldn't have been able to bite my tongue to the Captain either. Bitch.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, what a miserable individual you had to deal with. I'm sorry you had to take that crap from her.

Kassandra said...

That really sucks that the Captain was so evil.

And don't worry, I have "I told you so" moments in my head with my husband all the time, just because actually voicing it is sssooo not worth the fight that would ensue.

Charity said...

I am so sorry that things went so badly. Hopefully you will have a different inspector/captain come out next time.

Blessing said...

So sorry...not funny

Suzanne said...

Wonder when was the last time that bitch got laid...I've never even heard of PMS that bad! Sorry you had to deal with her, but glad your other inspections went well!


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