Eco Store USA Laundry Powder & Hand Wash Review

22 July 2010

Between cloth diapering our little one and running a daycare, I am very picky on what I use to clean the house. While I LOVE the smell of Lemon Fresh Pine Sol, I've given it up for products that will protect our earth, my children, daycare kids, and our pets.

Ever hear of EcoStore? If you haven't, don't worry neither did I until I received a very nice email from their staff in the US offering to allow me to try 2 of their products to write a review for. At first I was hesitant because honestly I don't like steering away from the products that I fall in love with. Pretty much to sum me up... I'm a leech. Once I find the love, I do not stop buying till they go out of business. But I thought what the heck?! Might as well give it a try since they have a No Nasty Chemical philosophy

So off I went to their website to research who they were before I said yes. Upon reading up on them I learned they are a New Zealand manufacturer of household and personal products started by Malcolm Rands in an eco village over 15 years . Since the village shared a common interest in "a commitment to organic growing and healthy living" it planted the seed for finding products that would love our Earth as much as we do without damaging her. The goal was to eliminate toxic chemicals from their cleaners that would allow for the eco village water to stay pure.

The Products:

After browsing and not being able to make up my mind, I decided to use the products to their full advantage that would be the most beneficial in our house. Laundry Powder for Front Loaders (don't worry if you don't have a FL'er they also have Laundry Powder for top loader's too ) was chosen for Princess's diapers and Dirt Diver's sensitive skin. During daycare hours we literally wash our hands more then we breathe sometimes so I am always on the look out for soap that won't dry little hands out, won't affect allergies, and is safe in the event one of them ingested it; so I went with Coconut & Vanilla Hand Wash for the daycare kids and myself.

The Results:

I'm in love with the Coconut & Vanilla Hand Wash. The scent isn't strong, it's very subtle. No sticky residue left behind either. Doesn't take a lot and the bottle goes a LONG way! Even the kids liked playing with it when I had my back turned. We will be adding this to our list of monthly supplies when we restock the house again. 

The laundry powder was awesome and did it's job. It's got hardly any fragance at all, well actually that depends on who you ask. The kids don't smell anything but I swear I smelt a faint hint of something. Either way it didn't irritate Dirt Diver's arms which is awesome. We normally have to use a hypoallergenic for him. Princess's diapers came out clean and bright as well. I love FL'ers because this box is going to go a LONG way and I'm excited about that.

I encourage everyone to take the plunge and give them a try. I promise you won't be disappointed.

You can also find EcoStore on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a Meijer store around you, then you're even luckier.

I received these product samples to provide you with a review that is from my own personal opinion. I was not paid any monetary compensation to publish this review nor did receiving the samples have any impact on my opinion or my review.

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