MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #10

27 August 2010

I'm sure by now, all the MilSpouse's who read me know I partake on Friday's MilSpouse Fill-In. If not then PLEASE go visit Wife of a Sailor; and partake in the meme. I promise you'll have fun!
1. What secret indulgence do you act on while your spouse is away? (from Devil Dog Darling)

There are a TON that I do. Most notably though, is I eat Ben & Jerry's or Cookie Dough for dinner every night pretty much. Dirt Diver is a anti-sweet person, when I eat that junk he always makes comments so I've gotten into the habit of giving it up when he's around and eating it like crazy when he's gone. I also enjoy openly watching every single cheesey reality show on earth with no complaints from him.

2. If you were a spice, what would you be? (from New Girl On Post)

I'd say I'm a mixture of Cumin & Nutmeg.
  • Nutmeg because it's warm, nutty and a slightly sweet
  • Cumin because it's Pungent, powerful, sharp and slightly bitter.
There's no way to deny them both about me. LOL

3. Where do you go for support when your significant other is deployed? (from Texas Meets Washington)

Back in the day I belonged to a HUGE MilSpouse message board but over the years it changed and after last years breakdown of the masses, I left along with many many others. I have a new home away from home; Support on the Homefront; that I go to. A lot of those women I have known for years now and while we're not a HUGE board compared to some; it's a place to go to when I need support whether he's deployed or he's home. I also use my blog, friends and family for support as well.

4. What is the oldest thing you own? (from A Troop’s Girl)

Hmmm I would have to say prolly my middle school pe shirt that I STILL wear around the house. I should put it away for safe keeping but I love the face that I can still fit in it,

5. How did you vision your future pre-military? (from Daddy’s Duty)

Well let's see; the first time back in 1999 I saw myself going to school; getting a job and moving out of my mom's place to raise my 2 kids alone. I really couldn't see past 6 months at a time back then. Then in 2003 when I separated from the Spew of Satan; I freaked BUT I had landed a job and was just living day by day. I really couldn't see past a day honestly. My life was so incredibly broken and my spirit was lost . I hate to say that for almost 2 years I had absolutely NO vision for my future. I was just praying to come out of that black hole and find the light. Then in 2009 when Dirt Diver got out of the Navy; I had such high hopes. We were going to settle in Coos Bay, OR. My husband was going to become a sheriff or a Trooper. We were going to live the simple life with family; camping, riding, mudding, hunting. Our kids were going to grow up with family and learn that life doesn't revolve around name brands and fashion. Then he re-upped in the Army and here we are. I guess you could say I've been lucky in a way; I've had 3 different opportunities of pre military life.

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10 Voices:

hilary said...

You fit into something from middle school?! Shut the front door!

Kaylee said...

I love your spice choices.. and those secret indulgences, totally perfect!

Mrs. S. said...

I'd be cinnamon!!!

Scherff said...

The link to your message board doesn't work :( There is one I belong to, but I only pop in when I have a specific question or am SUPER board. But since I've know about for sooooo long it's the only one I use.

mannadonn said...

What a way to roll with the punches! I've noticed that you can't really plan your will happen the way it's supposed to.

I love cumin!!!

Chelle said...

No you really can't. But that is what makes it so much fun I think, always being caught off guard.

Chelle said...

Fixed it. There are a couple that I visit like that but it's because I know everyone at Support so it's more like a group of sisters then anything else.

Chelle said...

Ya know I LOVE me some cinnamon mixed with sugar in GOOBS.

Chelle said...


Chelle said...

ROFL Yes BUT in my defense I used to wear my shirts and shorts in PE SUPER big, so I think I have just been able to grow into it. lol


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