Another Confession

26 October 2010

Hi, I’m Chelle and I am an addict. It started when I was young. I remember watching and how it intrigued me. To some it was capitalizing on the stupidity of people, to me it was interesting, knowledgeable, and entertaining. To this day, I still can’t help it. I can’t go a day without it. If I don’t include it in my day, then I feel lost, unmotivated, and just lazy. With it, I feel like I can conquer the house to rid it of the dirtiness and sparkle the hell out it. I’ve tried to quit before and it doesn’t last long, maybe a day or two but that’s as long as I can go without it.  The People’s Court is just too much for me to give up.

While I’m at this confession thing, I hate to admit that I have been sucked in HORRIBLY to this one. Yesterday I had grand plans to clean the house since sadly it fell apart with working and evil hellions that call me mom but have selective hearing when it comes to their chores. Anyways, I started off strong. Took a small break to check my status and htat is when all my will power fell apart. TWELVE hours later I finally pulled myself away and admitted to the kids I had a problem. I’m a FarmVille and CafeWorld addict. I can’t help ti. I’m sorry. I risked the cleaniness of my house for the instant gratification of sitting on my tush and playing tricks on my neighbor’s farms.

Today though, I WILL get more done. I HAVE to get it done.

What are your weaknesses?

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