Sometimes I wonder if shaving my head is better

14 October 2010

For the past 4 days I’ve been locked out of my checking account and it’s really irritating me that I can’t remember the stupid answers to the questions. I guess it’s time to admit that I am getting old and not everything is sticking to my brain anymore. No matter how much I want to remember.

To add to the frustration, either BB or gmail is not synching right and I’m not getting my emails on my phone until days later. This morning my phone just got an entire weeks worth of emails at once. And yes I have been lazy and just not checking from the computer. I didn’t realize till this morning how much I’ve stayed away from the computer when I’m not working then I used to be.

Tomorrow I’m getting the hair done for the ball but I think I might also have her cut it too. But I’m not sure how I want my hair done if I do cut it. I’ve been thinking about maybe the style below but since I hate taking time to do my hair, if it will be more work then ease. Although I desperately need to get the dead ends taken off and there’s a LOT of those bad boys around here.

Right now it's to the middle of my back and frizzy beyond words when I don't take the time to flat iron it but it takes way  too long to do that because it's too damn thick...

And this is what I'm thinking of doing to it...

What do you think?

As I’m typing this Dirt diver has locked himself out of the truck. The remoteless entry thingie broke a couple months ago. I told him to get it fixed or make sure he never locks the back window. What do you think happened today? LOL yupp he locked all the windows and locked the truck. For some odd reason our key only starts the engine but doesn’t unlock the doors. So there he is at work cussing up a storm and I’ve got teeth marks in my tongue from holding back those famous fighting words in any relationship… “I told ya so”.
Thankfully I have AAA but since it’s only for me, he’ll have to wait till I can get out to the COFF and come rescue him. And to think he gave be a hard time for buying AAA. Psssh bet he’ll eat on those words when he can get into the truck. *snicker*

Sometime today I’m going to catch up to all the comments that have been sent my way that I didn’t realize I had. I promise I’m not ignoring everyone. 

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3 Voices:

mannadonn said...

Hahaha! I hate when my BB takes forever. Try rebooting or resetting the email system. Sometimes that helps.

I love that haircut! But you would have to do it pretty much every day. If you want to start doing that, get a haircut like that and it will force you to do it daily.

Poor Dirt Diver. Don't you love when the men don't listen to us?? The Hubble never listens either. Men...

Brie said...

My BB & Gmail don't do that, but my husband's unsyncs all the time! I know it's really frustrating for him. G/L with the hair and I LOVE your freckles! Hehe.

AbbeyG said...

Haha! That should be fun!
And I think your hair will look cute short! You'll probably HAVE to straighten it every day, but since its so short it should be much easier to straighten :)


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