In the midst of chaos comes beauty

15 November 2010

I would love to say that I’m a planner that I am always on time, that I don’t stress out and that I don’t run the family crazy. Unfortunately I can’t, and if you read my blog you know it’s just not possible, almost like we are meant to run on the chaos train.

We needed to get family pictures done since it’s been a year but I just hate trying to coordinate everyone. Gave up dragging my feet and bit the bullet. Did some searching around before calling Sears and stumbled across a woman who was just beginning her ascend into photography. I’ll admit I was kind of a hesitant at first since she was just beginning but decided to give it a whirl. What’s the worse that happens, they turn out like crap and we end up at Sear’s anyways?

So who waits till the day BEFORE with only 4 hrs to hunt down shirts for 6 people? I mean it can’t be THAT bad right?


Fight after fight, tears, I do believe Princess threw herself on the floor of one store because she was tired and wanted nothing more than to climb into one of the tree stand chairs vs. holding her mommy’s hand. Dirt Diver at one point said he refused to have pictures taken with the family. Monkey cried because he couldn’t wear his favorite cameo pants that are TWO sizes too small. ‘Tater wouldn’t stop rolling her eyes and crying because we are horrible parents who hate the skinny jean era and refuse to buy them. She has her own babysitting money and can buy them with that but that’s just “TERRIBLE”.  And at one point Lil t’ complained that he couldn’t just wear a shirt that I kid you not looked like a belly shirt on him. By the time I walked into the door and slide in front of the computer in time for work I was frazzled beyond words.

Fast forward to Sunday, the day OF the pictures and that’s when it just fell apart before I rolled out of bed. I asked Dirt Diver where the Wranglers were that he bought the boys. He looked at me squinty eye, got that serious look and said “I don’t know you got them”. That’s when it clicked that they were left in the dressing room the day before; neither of us grabbed them while thinking the other got ‘em.

Up we got, showered, dressed and out the door. At this point Dirt Diver suggests the boys get their ‘hawks get shaved off finally. Silently sulking I agreed and we headed to the PX that started the domino effect of more chaos. For once in our life we were WAY too early and the barber shop wasn’t open yet still had another hour so off we went to get the jeans. Came back and hit a road block. TWO hours of waiting around for haircuts. Why in the world did all these Soldiers have to wait till the last minute, what happened to the good ole days of getting a high & tight Friday after work to look good at the bar?! That 2 hour wait pushed us to an hour being late.

I hate it when we’re late because Dirt Diver becomes a tyrant. Barking orders, snapping, just becoming a full fledge assnugget that makes me want to drop kick him till he comes down a couple of notches. Instead my tongue almost fell off from how hard I was biting it to keep the peace for the day.

In the end our photographer was awesome. I love how she let the kids dictate where they wanted pictures, where they could stand. She kept apologizing to us if she couldn’t get a shot. In the end we had a blast and she got some amazing shots of us as a whole. I really couldn’t be happier. 

The result of a chaos induced weekend, my 2 favorite shots…

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my cowboy? Because I REALLY do! Especially when staring at him from behind when he's wearing his Wranglers!

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5 Voices:

Cassandra_obrien said...

The pictures turned out great! I absolutely love them. As for being the planner, I am the one who always has to have everything planned to a T and my husband, well my drill Sgt is just a unorganized mess when he comes home from work. There is no direction from his end. I want to do holiday pictures with him, but I'm not sure he will be up for it. So I'm debating on even bringing it up. Your family is adorable & your photographer did great.

Brie said...

awe! you're so lucky to have a cowboy! hubby and i were born and raised in the country but he is FAR from. Your pictures are great dear!

Renee said...

Although it seemed to be painful to get to this point..the pictures are awesome! The family picture looks like none of you had a care in the world! You have one hot cowboy!!

Mrs. S. said...

Those are awesome Chelle!

Joy said...

Those came out REALLY great. You all look amazingly relaxed!

I wanna lay down and cry after all of that. You're brave. Brave.


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