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17 November 2010

I was going to do Wordless Wednesday but this is so much more important, not just for my families bank account but for my husband and the thousand other military members who have and do put their lives on the line. I can not believe that our government would suggest this. 

Wait, well yes I can. Look at our senators and congress members. Do you see them struggle to pay bills, to put food on the table, put gas in their cars? Do you see them sacrifice extended periods of time with loved ones while they are in the trenches of a foreign country watching their comrades take a hit? 

No because they give themselves fat pay raises every year. They live in a dream world that many of us only dream of.

Do you know how much they make? It’s sickening really. It’s even more sickening knowing that they are voted into office based on promises that the majority of them break. I have never been a huge political fan and will never be one. The whole ordeal sickens me, the mud slinging broken promises, back scratching, lies, back stabbing, bending of rules to suit their needs. The day someone can show and prove to me an honest politician is the day that pigs have turned purple and cows provide chocolate milk from their utters.

Senate and House leaders make $193,400 while the speaker of the house makes a whooping $223,500. This is in comparison to the average E5 Soldier with let’s say 4 yrs in at $48,660.36. Even the highest ranking enlisted member with 20 years at E9 makes only $91,916.34, but he has to go through all the ranks and 20 plus years of living with a smaller wage making it to the $91K, unlike some of these Congress and Senate members who’ve been living large.

In the end though putting a freeze on our military’s pay and/or cutting back on our health benefits is NOT going to fix the financial problem our government has put America in the past 10 or so years.

How about these members take a pay cut, or how about the government puts a cap on what a celebrity or athlete makes? Or how about not being allowed to vote themselves raises? Howbout the President uses his pay to fund his trips and vacations? What does his $400,000 a year salary really go to? I highly doubt he's given an electric bill for the White House or that he pays for the maids and chefs that cook and clean for him.

It just infuriates me that they want to do this to the men and women who are putting their life on the lines when told to do so.

Please click the link below or above, sign this online petition and pass it around to everyone you know. It is important that we let our government know that buy freezing salaries of those who don’t make very much is not the solution to the problem they have created.

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