My Top 10 Christmas movies

23 December 2010

Some of these I watch all year round and yes I know it’s kinda hypocritical to watch Christmas movies all year but get mad at those who sing carols all year. What can I say? I’m not always fair and logical in my thinking.

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
How can anyone NOT love Clark Griswold and his love affair gone wrong with Christmas lights?

  1. A Christmas story
While most love the part where Ralphie finally shoots himself, I actually have a different one. I love it when he comes down the stairs in the pink fluffy bunnie pj’s. And you just can’t forget the “Major Award” that’s imported. Bwaaaha

  1. Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas
Still to this day I want a Jack & Sally tattoo. Their love and acceptance for each other is just too much.

  1. Elf
Anyone who eats spaghetti with syrup rocks my socks

  1. Babes in Toyland
A perfect classic that’s a merry Christmassy version of The Wizard of Oz

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (both versions)
Cartoon & Jim Carrey’s are so stinkin’ cute. Max and Cindy Lou Who make my heart melt.

  1. The Santa Clause 1, 2, & 3
LOVE Tim Allen in these movies. I swear it took me probably 5 years before I realized that it was ClausE noe Claus. lol

  1. Christmas with the Kranks
My love for this movie can be summed up in 2 words “Free Frosty”

  1. Bad Santa
Billy Bob only certifies that it's okay to hate the holidays with a bang!

  1. Deck the Halls
A wannabe Clark Griswold in Danny DeVito’s character that just makes you want to succeeded no matter how annoying he is.

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

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