And The Gangrene Heart goes to...

28 December 2010

Last night after a horrible day spent with arguing and frustration Dirt Diver & I spent some time together. It started out innocently enough but then it took a turn for the worse, at least in his eyes. As he was in the shower I the respectful wife of his space who knows how much he loathes getting tickled decided to take it upon myself to tickle him. At one point I threw a cup of cold water on him while he was washing his hair. I have to say that is the FUNNIEST thing ever to watch a person’s reactions, although I do not feel the same when the gesture is done to me.

Anyways I went for a hip shot, he went to step out of the way and down he went faster then a set of pins in a bowling alley. After helping him up, drying him off, and bandaging him up; the pity party started on his end.

Woe is me ensued until the pain was too much for him and he passed out from exhaustion.

I poked fun of him on Twitter last night and @WifeyofaSailor came up with the brilliant idea to make him a “Pink” Heart for his sacrifice. I really wasn’t sure I should make it until this morning. I thought he was over it but nope I was wrong. I received the following texts

Oh they told me at formation that because my wife caused amputation its not considered a combat injury. No benefits for it.”

“Really screwed me this time.”

“They did say I could file a civil suit for injuries and ptsd.”

“oh and I may get at least the 30% for ptsd

So off I went to make him a “pink” heart but alas we were out of pink so then @Weathergirlkena came up with the idea of green for gangrene!

Here are the results:

Ceremony is to follow later tonight!

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3 Voices:

Charity said...

LOL, that is so funny!! KS is notorious for pouring cold water on me during showers!! I am sure he will love this heart award!!

Debra said...

Love it, 'Chelle! How you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Miss you!


Crossfawn said...

It would have been nice of you to reply to one of my mnay attempts of communication just to let me know you got the gift I sent even if you did not like it. If it was something you didn't like I would have had no issues with you returning it to me and gvetting you something else, but at this point I'm just rather up set and a bit ticked off I have not heard from you at all.

Happy new year


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