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18 January 2011

With the pushing and nudging of friends I have finally taken the plunge to do what needs to be done to shed this extra weight. The fact that my very 1st pair of skinny jeans of from Aeropostal that I bought the 1st week of December are no longer in my stack of wearable jeans. How sad is that?! I've gained even more then I already did.

Our post's MWR is starting their own version of The Biggest Loser.

I have never actively tried to loose weight, it's always just come and gone as it pleases so this is going to be a real challenge. But one reason I signed up was because it gives you the chance to go to 2 FREE aerobic classes and 4 FREE bootcamps a week. Unfortunately my work schedule and lack of free babysitting prevents me from the Boot Camp classes. But that's okay I figured with the help of Spark People, my elliptical that I had to dust a million layers of dust off before I was sure it was still there, and the free classes I can take on my off nights; I have confidence!

I'm not trying to win the grand prize, I'm really just looking forward to fitting back in my new jeans, and see my feet when I'm standing up. Sadly I'm starting to look like I'm 8 months pregnant again, small round belly sticking out. And the worse of all this fattness going around is the nasty disgusting love handles that are forming. I've always made fun of people for having them and now I've succumbed to these things.

I HOPE I can do good at this. My main reason for agreeing was hoping that the motivation of the contest would keep me encouraged to keep at it vs. giving up. For right now though I need acknowledge my weaknesses and that's unhealthy snacking. I LIVE for snacking on anything and everything. For some stupid reason, I've got this belief that if I snack as Im doing stuff then it doesn't count to the actual weight I'm gaining. Yes I know doesn't really work out that way.

So here's to a great start at The Biggest Loser!

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Debra said...

Wishing you well, Chelle!


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