Biggest Loser: Snacking is just as nasty as smoking

19 January 2011

How does one stop snacking on the yummy goodness around them?

It hasn't even been 24 hours since I've started this new adventure and I have failed already.

They were calling my name..."Chelle...chhhhheeeelllleeee"

What was I to do?

Ignore them?

That would be so incredibly rude of me to ignore the sweet yummy goodness that 'Tater slaved in the kitchen to create.

I'm weak.

Completely and utterly weak!

I want to have the will power and self discipline to stop from reaching for those oh so yumminess of my beloved food. but it's so incredibly hard.

Almost worse then quitting smoking. Sadly I quit smoking 3 packs a day faster then a turkey getting plucked than I can curb the urge to snack.

How does one do it? How does one stop their hand from reaching out? I wish I had the answer because I truly think this nasty habit is going to be the demise of me loosing the weight I want.

And since I'm confessing to my eating sins I might as well put myself on blast and make public my numbers today!

Weight: 162.3
Thighs: 24.5"
Waist: 39.5"

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