CVS Flags Review

31 January 2011

Last month I was approached by a wonderful woman who offered me the opportunity to review a flag for CVS Flags. I was more then happy to do so as I have always wanted to get Dirt Diver a US Army Flag. Well really a US Navy one but I figured that would be kinda weird having that on the front of our house now that we're an Army family, so Army it was.

Honestly I had never heard of CVS Flags, so I was a little skeptical at first. Off I went to their website to peak around and OH MY! The amount of flags to choose from was overwhelming. You can pick from military to states to government to religious to even nautical ones. You have the choice of different sizes as well.

The pricing for the flags were very reasonable too. Everytime I've looked for getting a flag I was either looking at under $20 for a cheap version or over $40 for a high quality one. To see that the 3' x 5' flags were only $21.95 was awesome.

After I picked the flag out, I have to admit I was kind of worried about the type of flag that would come. Would it be of high quality? Would the stitching be right or lots of "IP's"? Would the image on it be good or would it be some flaky screen print.

Boy was I surprised and happy when it came and out it came. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

We recieved a 3'x5' Nylon Army Flag. The flag is made of 200-denier 100% outdoor nylon. It will withstand the rain, sun, snow, hail, and wind. The US Army logo is done in a "bright vibrant colors" of dye. And the brass grommets are FABULOUS! Help keep the flag from tearing while blowing in the wind.

To say I was impressed is a COMPLETE understatement. I plan on ordering Dirt Diver a US Navy flag one of these days to go with his Navy things.

If you haven't had a chance to stop by CVS Flags, you really need to do so! Especially with the weather starting to get nicer out, it's becoming more like flag hanging time!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE flag from CVS Flags for this review, however the free flag did not sway my thoughts or opinions one way or the other.

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