It was a QUACK (heart) ATTACK last night!

11 January 2011

It’s a sad sad day in the Hooah Household today.

We started Monday off with such joy and happiness you’d think we had just won the lottery.

We took naps to ensure we could withstand the excitement and be able to stay awake to see what we had been proclaiming for weeks.

Even a 2 hour power outage didn’t dampen our excitement either.

2030 came and it was time.

We sat on the edge of our seats.

We cussed up a storm.

We jumped with joy.

Hats and pillows were thrown with anger and frustration.

White knuckles were forming.

Pressure started to ensue.

Then it came that slight glimpse of hope.

And just as fast as that glimpse of hope came,

Defeat stormed in and took over.

RIP Ducks

2nd year in a row you choked.

Maybe next year will be our time!

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