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10 January 2011

It’s funny how things work sometimes. Back in December on the way back from taking Lil t’ to Indianapolis to catch a flight, Dirt Diver & I were talking about what places we haven’t eaten at since we left San Diego. We both agreed with missed Chili’s and we really enjoyed their Southwestern Eggrolls. (If you haven’t tried them you better. TO. DIE. FOR.) The next day I went to check my emails and there was an email from Chili’s asking me if I was interested in doing a review of their “2 for $20” deal. I about died. I men really who would have thought that they would have emailed me literally the next day after the hubs and I were drooling in the truck just thinking about them. So we made plans to go on my birthday on December 27th. Unfortunately life and our unit’s deployment got in the way along with a ton of medical issues with Dirt Diver so we never got to go. Finally the comics’ aligned and off we went this past Friday.

What started out as a simple dinner date with just the 2 of us, turned into a family dinner with everyone arguing over what they could order.

I’ll admit Dirt Diver was less then thrilled at being limited in what he could order until he pulled the menu out and saw that he could order one of his favorite meals, Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispters and that my dear readers is where the complaining ended.

Dirt Diver and I are creatures of habit. When we find something that we like it’s almost impossible for us to stray away unless it’s unavailable and we’re forced to try another choice. So we stuck with two orders of Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers and the Texas Fries for an appetizer to share.

When the Texas fries came, I have to admit I was kind of taken aback at how small the serving was. I even commented to Dirt Diver that there wasn’t enough to share. But wouldn’t ya know that when we were done with the fries, I did realize it was he prefect size for me!

Next came our scrumptious Chipotle Chicken Crispers. I drool just thinking about them. OH EM GEE! Honestly to die for with the corn the cob just makes it even better. It was a battle between scarfing them down or savoring each and every piece. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to savor them very much. They were way WAY too good. My only complaint was that 2 crispers weren’t crispy more like just a soft breading but I dind’t care with the sauce, they were still phenomenal!

In the end we were all stuffed to the brim. I can’t believe I forgot to bring my camera because afterwards on the way out we got hit with a sleet storm as I was changing CurlyTop’s diaper in the back of the Durango. Talk about FUN times. *snicker*

Afterwards we headed home for a night of family Knect Time.

Enter the Giveaway:

Want to jump on in on the fun and win a $20 Chili's Gift Card?! Hop on over to Chili’s website, drool and then come back here to tell me what your mouth watering? (MANDATORY + email address

Extra Entries:
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 The Chili's Giveaway will start now and end on January 25th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Disclaimer: I received one $20 Chili’s gift card for reviews purposes. I received no other compensation for this giveaway and all onions are of my own free will.

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AbbeyG said...

Yay, I love their cheese fries!! :)

Sarahdoeshair_a said...

I would order the Salmon with herbs!

sarahdoeshair_a at yahoo dot com

Sarahdoeshair_a said...

I follow via gfc!

sarahdoeshair_a at yahoo dot com


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