There has to be a line drawn in respecting other's space

07 January 2011

Lil t’ came bursting through the door crying yelling. I truly thought he was hurt. As I turned the corner from the living room heading toward the front door I see him, the front door wide open and then my eyes landed.

Right outside our door literally not even a foot away from my truck laid a little girl in the road screaming for her mom, cars stopping, parents running to her.  

We live on a small street that dead ends directly into the elementary school here. Because of that you’d THINK that people would pay a little bit more attention on the kids around. However accidents happen and yesterday was a proven point. A little girl was running ahead of her mom, decided to cut across the street that already had cars waiting to enter and leave the school. Just as she jetted out in front of my truck ahead of her mom a car hit her.

Thank the Lord; all that was damaged was a broken ankle, some bruises and a lot of rattled nerves.

Where do we as people, as family draw the line in respecting other people’s privacy especially during a time where they need support not exploitation?

After I got the kids calmed down I stepped outside to see what had happened and if they needed any supplies since I still hadn’t heard the sirens. I looked over and saw our neighbor sitting on her front steps sipping an iced coffee like she was watching a parade or something.

I go back in the house to calm the kids down, post a unanimous prayer request on FB and left it at that. Going along my merry little way, I happened to get a text from Dirt Diver who was supposed to be sleeping to go check out FB. And that’s where I saw them, pictures from the accident.

Now let me just say the pictures were not graphic, didn’t show the child just part of her legs and her feet. My truck happened to be blocking the rest of the view. Another shot was of them having her halfway into the ambulance.

ohhhh yes there is a BUT
(and if you’re on my Twitter feed ya would have seen it!)

I could NEVER EVER do that to not just another human being but to a child and not just any child to a fellow Brigade’s family’s daughter who literally just said good bye to her daddy. I can not for the life of me begin to understand the internal justification for posting these morbid pictures. In her postings for the pictures, there were sayings like “this is what happens when people speed. Should have heard the angel screaming for her mom”. To me it just felt like a justification for her actions.

The turn of events with this action has just left me kinda flabbergasted at how our society thinks it’s okay to take pictures of other’s misfortune and blast it on the web. I am fully guilty of looking at the pictures and laughing my hardest but never at ones that bring someone’s life in to harms way. Not that makes it right but just putting it out there. I am huge visitor of People of Wal-Mart because well to be honest they are their own species and after having worked there for almost 4 years I know if they hired me then they DO have their own species. LOL

Mwhole point is, that at somewhere sometime America in a whole needs to stop worrying about what the next person is doing and focus on themselves and their own family. No one is perfect and we all have room to improve, myself included. 

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Charity said...

What in the hell where those people thinking?!?! Have they no heart or compassion? I hope that little girl is okay. I swear, some people just need to be smacked across the head sometimes, and have some common sense returned to their brains.


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