MilSpouse Friday Fill In #31

25 February 2011

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Oh man it’s been WAY too long since I’ve linked up. Since going into my little rock and doing “fluff” pieces to keep my blog going, I’ve missed so much. Can’t wait to read everyone’s responses!
  1. Aside from no deployments, what is one thing you would want to make the MilSpouse life “perfect”? submitted by Oh How Delightful
I would love to see better communication within the units. I find that for us personally the lack of communication, the arrogance and stupidity of some NCO’s, things being over looked while others fall through the cracks makes life just miserable when I see Dirt Diver struggling to get what’s supposed to be done the right way hit with road blocks.
  1. Just how many peppers did Peter Piper pick? submitted by Married into Army
I like to think he is a much stronger person then I so therefore he ate 100 with no problems where as I would be already on a death bed just from smelling them.
  1. If you could have any career in the world with nothing holding you back, what would you do? submitted by It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To
The same thing as always… be a U.S. Marine. Not a day goes by that I do not kick myself for not pushing through the “mommy” fears and just going. I love where life is now but I honestly think that life would have been better and smoother for all if I had just gone.
  1. Do you have a service oriented tattoo and if so what is it. If you don’t what would you get? submitted by The Squid’s Accomplice
No I don’t but I do want to get a yellow ribbon with the Navy anchor plus the Army Crest intertwined to show my love and support for our troops, our past as a Navy family and our present plus future as an Army family.
  1. Imagine a block of time has opened up in your busy day for you to take a class in anything you like. What subject would you choose?  submitted by To The Nth
Hmm toughie. It’d be between photography, graphic arts, or American History with an emphasis on the era of the 1950 – 1980.

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