Bhubye Parathyroid you WON'T be missed

18 March 2011

Wow it's Friday! I can't believe it's the end of the week already. Although it's just the beginning for me since my work weeks run Thursday through Monday. I used to hate working weekends and now I really can't imagine working a better schedule then currently.

Wednsday was the big day for Dirt Diver. 

It was time for him to say the much awaited divorce from 2 of his parathyroids. 

I wanted to blog about it before but honestly I have a fear that when I actually say what's happening beforehand it'll go wrong or something happens and I lfeel like an idiot trying to explain why it didn't go the way I said was going to. Because of our nerves we didn't go to bed till almost 0100 even though we knew we had to be up at 0600 to get him to the hospital in time. So up we got, dressed and of course I can NEVER get out of the house on time, I had us leaving late. Thankfully traffic wasn't so bad and we got to the hospital on time.

We went to check in and the first natrual question was "May I see your ID for insurance purposes?" Dirt Diver pulled his wallet out flipped it open to pull his out and it wasn't there. Panic started to take over. Here we are almost 50 minutes from home, he has no military ID on him and his surgery is to take place in less then an hour. I went out the car and searched. I'm sure to the passerby's I looked like a raging lunatic! All the doors open, cussing, and talking to myself. I remember seeing his ID the day before when I was driving heading back on post. And of course there it was, under my seat stuck between the track and middle console. FML! I've got monster hands. After brusing my hand up Im walking back to the hospital when I happen to look over to the window and realize my hair looked like bed head.

He gets checked in properly, we're escorted upstairs, introduced to a handful of differnet nurses and doctors. It was so weird. I kept trying to place names with faces and not think what was going to happen, while Dirt Diver kept saying he wasn't nervous either and yet we couldn't let go of each other. Just held hands for the longest time possible till they finally rolled him out.

I've never had surgery or been with anyone while they going for it so I didn't know what to expect. But holy snottbubbles batman they asked the same questions over and over and over again. It was crazy.

The doctor said that the procedure should take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes depending on what is going on in his neck when they open him up. And like that he was gone. I was left in an empty room with nothing to do because I really didn't bring anything for some reason. Luckily they had a TV with cabel and the best part of it all was they had a Blue Raspberry slushie machine across the hall from his room. In all the surgery itself only took 22 minutes to complete but they did have to make the insecion a little bigger then planned. We're still not sure how big it is since it's bandaged but considering the original incesion was supposed to be less then an inch wide I don't think it's much bigger then that. We'll find out this weekend when we can remove the bandages.

When he came out of surgery he was absolutely a riot. From the minute they took the breathing tube out, he was full of smart ass responses. He had everyone laughing and honestly it was the happiest I've seen him in the past year since his symptoms started getting worse.

It's crazy how fast the removal of those 2 little parathyroids have effected him in just 24 hours, I can't even begin to imagine how it'll effect him in a couple weeks or months from now. It's amazing to see him go from agonizing pain every single day to being able to move without having to grasp something.

The downfall to this successful surgery unfortunately is deployment. Tomorrow he goes in for blood work. As long as his calcium levels prove to be normal, he will have his letter next week that clears him to leave in a couple weeks. Bittersweet I guess.

(On our way home with him still drugged up)

But rather have him leave healthy and painfree then him being stuck here being miserable and hurting.

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