Back on the weight loss train

12 April 2011

With everything going on the past month or so, my plight to working out has been horrible. I did good then Dirt Diver started bringing home 'tasty treats' and I just have yet to harness my self control. 

I went from 162 to 154 and now I'm at 163.

Do you see this nasty gut of mine? 

Do you see how it sits ON TOP of my waist band? 

The little dent is where my belly button is. I had just a hard time taking a picture of this nasty thing. I mean there really is no good shot of a beer gut.

Depressing to say the least considering I was making progress and my goal was to be 145 by this week.

Finding the self control and will power is a lot more difficult then I thought it would be. 

Its almost harder then it was to quit smoking. I love food. I love the taste, texture, smells. I love the way it makes me smile. 

Truly believe it calls my name, whispering me to come and partake in it's joys.

For 3 weeks I've been dragging my feet in going to a friends to get Insanity but I think it's finally come to I can not keep sucking the gut in, pretending to be skinny. 


1 Voices:

Maranda said...

Good for you for posting that picture! Whenever you are tempted by a 'tasty treat' you should look at this post and remember what you said. Good luck to you!! And I swear...your new font makes the 1's look like 4's so I thought you said you were 463!


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