Gas prices are to blame for my chub

19 April 2011

Okay not really but they have a helping hand!

Since I started driving I knew gas prices are not a guarantee. They float up and down, left and right with the wind.

How sad is it that I'm sounding like an actual real parent when at the pumps I say to 'tater "when I was a kid" or "when I got my license I was paying $1.25" or "Hey 'Tater remember the Golf? It only took $20 bucks to fill that tank up back when you were a little girl"

To which she does her never ending preteen eye rolling as she pretends to not hear her boring old mom.

No this post isn't about the actual gas price that keeps getting higher and higher then a receding river bank.

Becuase of the prices though, Dirt Diver has restricted my plans to go to the gym every night to only 3 times this week and 3 next unless I find someone to hitch a ride with.

Why there are no gyms on this side of post I just don't know. We have 4 gyms all very nice or undergoing renovations and they are ALL on the other side by the battalions. It would have made more sense to build one closer to housing areas but that would mean that someone had to actually CONSIDER the families needs here. (and yes if you read that hint of distaste of this post you are right)

With 2 gas "guzzlers"; a 1500 4wd Chevy truck and a Dodge Durango, there is no way around saving gas. I'd love to be mad at hime but it's only fair since I restricted his trips home during the day. Normally he comes home after PT, then lunch, then a stop because he "forgot" something and then home for the night. That averages to about 26.4 miles a day for 4 trips home. Times that by a 5 day work week and we're at 132 miles!!!

To which I said fine, let me fix 'Taters BMX and I'll ride my fat ass to the gym. I mean it's only 9 miles round trip. It wouldn't take me forever, okay maybe it would but still I was trying to prove a point.

Dirt Diver then started laughing and said..."Babe you can't even walk down the street with the kids wagon without injuring yourself. If I let you ride a bike, I'd be at your funeral."

The disbelief he has in my coordination is so hurtful. If 'Tater's bike was actually in working condition I would really ride it there just to prove him wrong. But it's not and secretly I hate to admit that a part of him is right. My coordination is nonexistant.

So back to working out at home till next payday and I can use my pocket money for gas vs. the new sports bra I bought.

2 Voices:

Elizabeth said...

"getting higher and higher then a receding river bank." Stop mixing your metaphors! ;-)

Oh, and you should fix her bike anyway. Then she could bring it here when she visits this summer.

Sarah Ruth said...

That sucks that they aren't closer to the housing. You can ride with me when I'm there!


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