Wishful Wednesday

20 April 2011

The internet is NOT my friend when I want to buy things. I spend all my free time looking at everything under the sun and daydreaming. Here are today's wishes...

I REALLLLLLLY want a pair of these! They are so cool looking and after trying them on they are so incredibly lite! I walk funny in shoes anyways so they would help me actually walk normal. Now to convince Dirt Diver to jump on the band wagon with me.

I want our taxes to stop being held up so I can finally get a working computer for work. Between taxes and the deployment not happening yet, my goal for the MBP have been pushed off.

And I REALLLY REALLY want Insantiy. I just don't want to spend the dough on it because I'm a cheap ass.

1 Voices:

Sarah Ruth said...

I don't think I could walk in those shoes. They look like they would feel weird. I'd much rather be barefoot!

I think I need a new computer too. This one has been good to me... but it's losing it's battle slowly.

My hubs has lost 53 lbs doing Insanity!!! I think he might have a copy of it....


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