Too many one liners for me

21 April 2011

Settling in on the couch in my comfy pj's with the kids surrounding me is how I truly enjoy watching movies. But there is always ONE person I really could do without!

As much as I love Dirt Diver, he's the WORSE person to watch with. He can not be quiet to save his life, let alone the kids'. No matter what movie we watch he talks throughout it and it only takes him one time to memorize lines from them. Then for weeks after the movie he uses the quotes vs actually communicating with me. Drives me BONKERS. I can watch a movie a million times and STILL won't have a quote memorized. Top Gun and Dirty Harry has been officially banned in our house. Whenever they come on, he'll mute the movie and recite it line for line! But yet he can NOT remember to grab toilet paper or milk when I ask him to stop by the store.

I listerally have to focus super hard on the film just to tune him out so that I can get the whole movie vs pieces here and there while he talks my ear off. And the bad part he doesn't think what he does is bad.

The results of his horrible habit?

The kids, ALL of them, require him to sing that song to them all the time. I loved the move, but I'm soooo tired of wondering what tiger's dream of. Or even having the song creep into my mouth when I'm washing dishes or folding laundry.

PLEASE for the love of my sanity PLEASE let the new movie have a good song in it. I need a change.

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Sarah Ruth said...

What song? LOL. And I understand how you feel. My parents talk throughout movies. And my friend Cara. I can't stand watching movies with them! Or tv. Etc. It's bad.


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