A Moment of Silence

18 May 2011

I'm sad to say that we've lost another Soldier this week. 
Well really we've lost a couple in the past month

1st Lt Demetrius Frison of 3/1 1-26th Infantry Reg of Ft. Knox, KY
His son was born just days before he left in January.
My heart aches for his wife's loss.

Hero's Priceby Roger W Hancock

Fallen soldier, American hero.
To serve is soldiers' sacrifice.
Heroes all, soldiers mission,
Some will die for freedom's sake.

Duty to serve, duty to risk,
to run the gauntlet, his life for country.
He paid the price for our security.
The ultimate cost for freedom's sake.

Families pride though little solace.
Sacrificed... their son for country.
His parents are home-side heroes.
Their hearts are torn 'tween grief and pride.

The wife and children shall not forget
the husband, father they loved so well.
Sacrifice for us they bear,
the solemn grief, with pride they wear.

Patriot lives cost, born America.
Fallen soldier joins freedom's greats.
We citizens grieve each price of life.
Patriot life paid to secure the USA.

2 Voices:

Anonymous said...

May his memory be a blessing.

Jeannette said...

We lost 3 this week and they only just got there. It's been a hard one already.


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