Survived the Rapture & didn't even get a t-shirt

23 May 2011

I was planning on using the Rapture as my excuse for why I've disappeared but honestly,

I've fallen back into that nasty trap of hibernating and working.

Things aren't bad, not back to negative self talk but I'm just in a funk again.

While I hate to admit it I can breathe a million times better now that Lil t' is at his dad's.

I've changed to a better anxiety med that really has kept me level headed which I've needed more then anything with this “is he deploying/is he not” game the Army's been playing.

Somehow in the course of 3 weeks I've been given the task AND I accepted to take over our unit's FRG.

Truly can't figure out if I had been drinking, sleeping, or was taken over by pod people when that conversation took place.

Anyways I'm TRYING my hardest to go into this with an open mind and hopes that I can change everyone's current hatred to contentment.

Along with that a much anticipated season of softball and tee ball has turned into a season filled with dread. Lack of communication between coaches to parents, games constantly being rescheduled, and the favoritisms between coaches and players is just too much. But we're toughing it out.

Unfortunately 'Tater has decided she'd rather us spend a fortune on private lessons and University camps then to actually play the rest of the season out. Ohh sweet child how I wish we were made of money.

So yeah here I am, trying to find the positives in trying to make everyone see the good in having a great FRG without succumbing to all the gossip and negativity that has been going.

Good thing I enjoy challenges!

3 Voices:

To the Nth said...

Good luck with the FRG! That sounds like a ginormous job, but I think your tenacity will serve you well.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Okay even just your post title made my day. Awesome.

Cheryl said...

Not sure what the FRG is but I am queen of over committing! Good luck with all that. Remember "Just when the caterpillar thought his life was over he became a butterfly"


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