What not to style your hair with

02 May 2011

Ever try or heard of Gurilla's Glue?


Well you're missing out because it is THE BEST in fixing things.

I use it for everything Duct Tape can't do.

However on Friday I learned a VERY VALUABLE lesson.

Gurella Glue + curious 2 yr old + curls =


Took 50 minutes

Baby Oil + fine tooth comb =

1 VERY unhappy toddler

In the process I was kicked, punched, and scratched.

My heart broke as she pleaded through sobbing screams for me to stop.

I know what you're thinking.

Yes I had it put up.


Monkey thought it would be okay to help fix mommy's broken laundry sign

And that is when she thought it would be good to style her hair.

It's moment's like this when I seriously want to throw up the "I give up" flag.

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