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09 June 2011

Why must Piggies like putting things in her hair?

Don't mean hair gel or even bows.

No that would be TOO simple right?

Instead she has an OBSESSION with putting hand soap on her hair. (read more)

She's always so incredibly proud of her hard work but really it is just horrible.

She matts it down then runs screaming "I preddy mommeee predddy" 
when I try to wash it out.

Hiding the soap has become a game in the house. 

The rules: I hide, she finds, she applies, I cuss under my breath, we fight it out as I wash it out, I hide it again and repeat this nasty cycle we have going on.

Add in that she discovered my mascara.  
I only wear mascara and eyeliner so I treasure those 2 items.

Unfortunately she has other plans for it. 
Like painting her legs, the walls, the dog, and even her doll.

I can't wait till she gets older and I can destroy her mascara.

I PROMISE to make sure to put dog hair in hers, and paint her walls just so she can see the torture she caused me at this lovely age of 2.  

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