Dec. 14 – The Best Christmas Present I Ever Gave

14 December 2009

**Stock photo of the one I gave him, the real one is with him at WTC.**

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I struggled over this topic, almost to the point of not participating. I have never been one to pick out deep heartfelt presents. The Man teases me about that I always get him things he exactly asks for, never surprising him. But then it clicked. The Man’s monogrammed belt buckle, he never asked nor needed it. He doesn’t have a lot of things that he cherishes, keeps or even takes care of, but this buckle has broken all the rules for him. Wears it with every belt he can. When he puts it on he sits and shines it before snapping it into place. For purely selfish reasons, it looks good on him. When he’s wearing his Wranglers, tucked in Dale Jr. shirt, Chevy ball cap on, Ariats on his feet, and then his buckle; well it just means he’s my cowboy.

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3 Voices:

Jolene said...

Love it! And I call my husband The Man, too :) It stems from a joke when we went out on our first date, but glad to see that someone else uses it too. Made me smile :)

Jessica said...

very cute post!
My hubby would love one of those =)

Kathryn said...

Awww what a great gift! Loved the post!


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