Another milestone in his military career

26 February 2010

Today my best friend and love of my life graduates his AIT class.

It’s bittersweet for me really. We have been together for 5 and a half years while we have been friends for 6 years. During those 6 years I have missed every single major thing in his career. I missed when he left on deployment and came back (in my defense he was trying to date me, I wanted nothing to do with him, and it wasn’t supposed to evolve into a relationship); I missed when he graduated A school as an MA (Master at Arms in the Navy; in plain English “cop”) because I was 38 weeks pregnant with Monkey in San Diego and he was at Lackland AFB. I missed his promotion; that was at A school as well. I missed him swearing into the Army; I was working and couldn’t get the day off to drive to MEPS that was 4.5 hours away. I missed him graduating the Army’s WTC (Warrior Transition Course); because it was on December 16th and he was coming home the next day for Christmas Exodus so with it being so close to Christmas we decided I’d stay home with the kids and use the money on presents. And now here we are at AIT, he’s there and I’m here. We just couldn’t swing it since the Army messed up the pay in January by counting him AWOL (absent without leave) while he was there in class. I just love how they are quick to yank that money away but will move slower than a turtle in molasses to give it back.

A part is jealous that his aunt and uncle will be there to witness it but I have to remind myself of the bigger picture. Getting the kids and myself to him as fast as possible and putting this family back together again. If I miss another moment in his career I am going to keel over and push the daisies up. He tells me all the time it’s okay, he understands; but I worry that he doesn’t feel a bit let down when other wives and family are there. All I can do is constantly remind him how proud I am, how much I love him, and how fast I’m working on us getting to him. 

17 Voices:

Anonymous said...

I completely understand missing all the important moments. But someone once told me something that transfers to your situation as well:

It's not that you're at all those little important things that matters, is that you're still around when he gets HOME from them that does. ♥

Can his Aunt and Uncle perhaps video the ceremony?

Chelle said...

That is such an awesome way to look at it. It takes me a day or two to find a different positive angle, I will be adopting that point of view though into my life. I like it and can't believe I've never thought of it before.

I don't know about his Aunt & Uncle, I'm sure he'll buy the dvd before he leaves there. It's more just a tiny temper tantrum for not getting everything my way. One of these days I'll

CaneWife said...

I'm sorry you won't be able to attend the ceremony, but your first commentator is spot on.

Congratulations to him!

Stacy said...

Congratulations to you and your hubby on his big day! You may have missed 6 moments with him, but think of all the moments that you will have to share with him for the rest of your lives. Stay strong!

Sarah Beth said...

Congrats - and thanks - to your hubby! And to you for supporting him!

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