Move on over KFC, there's been small discoveries today

25 February 2010

I wish there was a fabulous update on my scheme but there's not. I don’t THINK the kids know about this blog and even if they did they haven’t been allowed online in over a week so there is no way they could have found out my plan. Besides everyone reading this, I've only discussed, okay more ranted and raved, this in great detail with our dog as I was busy washing dishes by hand because they were yet dirty again. They have been washing the dishes pretty good. But I don’t think it will last. They are never consistent with anything that remotely close to chores, so it’s just a waiting game. I have to admit though, I’ve been feeling almost let down by the lack of dirty clean dishes. I was so excited to put my plan in action and now it’s just stalled. C'est la vie.

Now that I’m not having a nervous breakdown and walking around like the Grim Reaper is following me, I have officially hit the “I’m done waiting let’s get this show on the road and get to Kentucky” mode. I learned something new today about the Army vs. the Navy; you can apply for housing online before you even check into the duty station. How cool is that? I know we won’t be put on the waiting list right this minute but next week we’ll be placed on it and thus starts the constant watch of our place for a house. If I’m not watching out for one thing then I’m watching out for something else. I really need to stop obsessing over things. I am a little disappointed by the PPV (Public Private Ventures the company’s that run and maintain military housing) website. It was a little difficult to locate what housing was for what rank, I felt like I was almost trying to navigate a puzzle with all the same pieces. Along with their lack of floor plans to view and really horrible pictures that were taken at some wrong angles. I know I shouldn’t expect much, but I just feel that things should be simple and easy to help lessen the millions of questions people have when moving. Besides how can you pick a housing area’s wait list if the pictures are crappy and you can’t get a feel of the communities?

Side note: my tush hurts from this falling apart recliner but I refuse to move since it reclines for my footsies. That’s a tossup, feet or tush?

Back to the move; I would love to say we’re packing up and leaving on such and such date. Unfortunately my ex-husband is dodging me phone calls and even dodged Wednesday’s phone call visitation. It would be nice if he would just say yes, no, or I want to discuss this more. It’s frustrating that deep down I know he is going to drag his feet on this, he is going to play hard ball just to spite me. Never mind that this move will benefit him by putting us closer to him so he can have more visitation and not have to worry about plane tickets. I don’t understand why people do this once the marriage or relationship end. Why do they feel that they have to do everything possible to make things continue down the nasty road? I try VERY hard to keep having hope that he is changing and that what he says is true, but each time he goes back on his word, continues to irritate, and just gets me to the point of wondering if he’ll ever be abducted by aliens. There should be a preview before you decide to commit to someone to see what they will be like if on the off set you go separate ways. I would have ran so far in the opposite direction I would have put Jackie Joyner to shame.

I’ve been in a cooking slump this week. Haven’t really felt the urge to stand and cook thanks to the rain but today I REALLY wanted KFC.

Lack of funds + Savy cooking skills = 
Homemade Chicken Bowl

  • Boneless chicken breasts (my rule is 1 breast per person, anyone under 4 splits a breast)
  • Ritz Crackers (if out, use saltines)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Egg
  • A couple large baking ‘taters (or if you’re lazy like I was tonight some instant ‘taters)
  • Corn
  • Shredded cheese
  • Country Gravy (another laziness of me mix up a packet that is kept hidden for lazy times like this)

  1. Heat up oil in large skillet or a fry daddy if you have one. In the meantime, crush up crackers and add as much garlic salt as you love. For this family it means to the point of almost burning our nostrils, in a shallow dish. Mix up eggs in a separate dish. Cut chicken into small strips.
  2. Once oil is ready, dip egg in the egg, then coat with cracker crumbs before placing into the oil. Fry until golden brown, flip. Remove and drain.

During the chicken, I make up the mashed ‘taters, gravy and corn. We like frozen corn because if I don’t heat it fully, it’ll have a crisp bite to it. Once it’s all ready, pile it up in your bowl… ‘taters, chicken, corn, gravy, and some shredded cheese. Goes perfect with some cornbread too. It’s not a fancy recipe but it is definitely comfort food that keeps you from spending a fortune at KFC.

6 Voices:

Sarah Beth said...

First of all, that chicken looks fantastic!

Are you guys going to Ft. Campbell? Maybe you can't say that, but if you are, that's really close to my parents. And Kentucky is pretty - I think you'll like it there. Hopefully you can get there soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that chicken looks yummy!

Too bad your ex has to sign off since you're just moving closer. It makes sense to have that rule for moving further away or overseas, but I'm surprised about it for moving closer.

Good luck with getting everything together. That is great that you are able to sign up for base housing before you get there.

CaneWife said...

I hope your move goes smoothly.

Ms. Diva said...

I am so glad my daughter is grown and I do not have to deal with her father any longer!!! I am so sorry you are still going through it! It is no fun, I wish the legal system could use common sense and just say you are being an a$$ mr exhusband!!!

Chelle said...

I keep telling myself 10 more years, 10 more years. And with each birthday those years dwindle down, almost like a celebration.

~dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll visit again!

My BIL was stationed in Kentucky/Tenn when he married my sister. He lived there while she lived in GA the first year of their marriage. It was a commute but his transfer got delayed til he got back from The Desert- the 4th time.

Hope your move goes well and that the other thing grows up and acts right soon. Got one of those myself-- thankfully our kids are all grown up so I don't have to deal with him- or try- anymore.


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