Wordless Wednesday

24 February 2010

After a week of rain, the sun came out to shine last week. We hit up the park and had a blast. Sadly my camera crapped out on me within 20 minutes of our 3 hours there. 

He kept giving me a heart attack. Monkey has absolutely NO fear whatsoever. He'd get right up on the bricks and try to lean to touch his "friends". I wish he'd have some kind of fear, he'd give me some peace at times. 

2 Voices:

Small Burst said...

Thanks for stopping by SB. Long time no see. Sorry to hear about your camera. Hope it's all better. Isn't it funny how little boys have no fear. I think I have enough fear for both my son and I.

Mom2xamj said...

Lovely pics! My oldest daughter is like him. She has no fear! Well, no she does have some fears like fear of the dark and sleeping alone but those don't scare me; they annoy me! lol! And I'm afraid my youngest son, the toddler, takes after his sister 8-}


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