The countdown has officially started today for the move.

05 March 2010

I have so much information swarming around in my head right now I can’t think straight. I can’t even focus on junk television right now if I tried. Instead I finally put my feet up, turned the light off and am typing to you in the dark except for the brightness of the monitor, which I turned down greatly. I am so close to snapping. I want to throw myself on the floor kicking and screaming. I have sucha small smigheon of hope that I am hanging on to it. That if I kick and scream, say I’m not doing this, that President Obama will snap his fingers and 2 major things in my life. 1. He’ll allow for The Man to come home and not go negative on his leave to help me drive with the kids and 2. He’ll move the Grand Canyon north for me to see it because he’d hate for me, the who is supposed to be strong, to miss the canyon for 3 different attempts.

Where to start with, hmm…

 I had to call around to a couple different places before finding the right office. on who to set up a move from HOR with him gone. Printed the papers a million times, signed, read, reread, triple reread and fax them off to her. I get a call 2 hours later as I’m pulling into our driveway that I’m missing a form. Tear the house apart looking for it and decide to fax on Thursday. Thursday gets here and I take the kids to the UPS store. Only place in town where the awesome shop owner never ever charges me for anything. Sit in the rain for him to open, to which he did 20 minutes early just for me. I love that old guy! Go back home and get to work sorting through things. Call the Transportation Management Office (TMO) to make sure all the forms are received and confirm packing dates. Upon this conversation the lady is kind enough to look up our move up here last year to check on weights. Some how we went over by 250lbs. How that happened I have NO clue. Start panic attack #1858w35738 for the week.

It is decided and that I will do a partial DITY move (have to remember to fax more papers to them today), reserved a small trailer for the truck, and need to start packing up all the clothes in the house as I will be taking all clothes, linen, kids’ toys, camping gear, and MAYBE a tv or 2, dog igloo, food, and whatever else I can think of to get us under to move with. Sadly I already purged the house before we moved up here. I can’t get rid of anything else.

Aww; to answer everyone’s questions about living off post; I have looked into it. Unfortunately the cost for a 4 bedroom out in town is going to run us about $400 over the housing allowance we receive, plus the cost of utilities. That is just too much for us right now since we are a 1 truck family and we desperately need 2. I’d much rather continue living in a 3 bedroom for a year or so if it means getting the kids back on streets that have children around them; not having to worry about the rental being foreclosed on (been dealing with that stress for the past 5 months); and getting us a bigger vehicle that will accommodate this large family a little better then my truck.

In the end I have to take the good with the bad. Nothing is ever greener on the other side. Sure it will look it but once over there I’ll find my own set of problems. And thus the vicious cycle continues of wanting to jump the fence. I know what needs to be done, I will get it done, until then the mini panic attacks will come and go until I’m on the road and realizing that the puzzle pieces are fitting together and the stress was unneeded.

With that said, I have less than 3 weeks left here till I leave to go reunite our family with the man I love so much.

2 Voices:

Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

I'm sorry it's so stressful! Hang in there, girl. It'll be over soon.

JenJen said...

Yes, yes, it's a mess. Totally sucks. That being said, the things you can learn and be proud of later are irreplaceable, girl. It will be something you can talk about to your grandkids as they atare at you in awe and wonder how you ever did it. Cuz you will do it.


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