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07 March 2010

Participating in MannLand5's Getting to Know You Sunday. The questions are fun and carefree, and makes for a easy Sunday posting. Yes I'm lazy. It's Sunday. It's okay to admit it. I'm not afraid to. Take a gander at MannLand5 if you have the chance to!

The questions..

1.     Are you more of a talker or a listener?

I am more of a talker. I have verbal diarrhea. It’s really quite embarrassing really. I try to listen but my mind wanders and then I’m lost and feel like a douche for not fully paying attention.

2.     Bra. Underwire or wireless?

Underwire ALL. THE. WAY. I am a big boobed girl and I like the support plus the lift it gives me. After 5 children, 2 of which were 100% breastfed they are not super male fantasy sorority girl perky anymore. One day I’ll get them done and they will be, but until then underwire is my best friend.

3.     I wish I was.....?

A super hero who had the ability of casting doubt from the ones I love and myself. Who could teleport from Kentucky and Oregon to The man whenever I wanted till we moved. In realistic terms though, I wish I was a lot more organized so that our house was picture perfect magazine quality ready every day of the year.

4.     The Academy Awards are on tonight..will you watch?

No I won’t. I may flip to them here and there but in reality they bore me. They aren’t fun like they were back in the old days of the 80’s. Now they are stiff. Plus I don’t get to the movies as much anymore (okay 1 time in 2 years) so I am completely clueless on more than half the movies.
5.     Do you put your deodorant on before or after you get dressed?

Normally before. However there are many, many times I get dressed, forget because I’m chasing a kidlet and then have to remember to put some on. Sadly there have been times where I have made it out and about before realizing I completely forgot until Monkey makes a nasty comment about mommy’s stinky pits. LOL During the summer you can catch me doing pit checks all the time. Lol I’m paranoid during the summer but winter I just get lazy. I won’t lie.

6.     Would you rather do the dishes or clean toilets?

Honestly? Clean toilets. You only have to swig it with a brush, wipe down the outside and the floor. I do it about twice a week sometimes more depending on Monkey and his hurried potty training mistakes.  Dishes just multiply 24 hrs a day. You wash one, walk away and then 5 more are in the sink. Dishes are just like laundry. They never ever stop.

7.     How much did you weigh at birth?

I believe I weighed around 9lbs. I was a fat kid. Thankfully non of my kidlets have ever been bigger then 7lbs 12oz.

8.     If you could only buy one thing for the Spring/Summer season..what would it be?

I’d buy either this, and no not the puny trailer in the front. The Weekend Warrior in the back. 

or this

4 Voices:

Momof3inVA said...

Oooh, we have a Suzuki LTZ400...but, I would trade it for an RV in a split second.

Anonymous said...

Love the trailer!! We have just a travel trailer and LOVE IT. Cant imagine not having one now!

Elizabeth said...

You were, in fact, exactly 9lbs. I won't embarrass you by mentioning how many stitches you left behind. ;o)

gaelikaa said...

Like you I'm constantly struggling to keep up with housework, OMG I never, ever catch up....

Dropped in from SITS, have a great day!


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