Getting to know you

14 March 2010

1.   What's your favorite Easter candy?

I  prefer the big easter eggs that are peanut butter covered in chocolate. Peanut butter and chocolate are pure heaven for me. I absolutely DETEST Cadbury Egg’s though. They are the nastiest thing on the face of this planet. I have probably made the whole thing up in my head after one time back in the ‘80s of throwing up after eating one but they are horrible cause me to gag.

2.   Who do you think is or women?

I don’t really think there is a difference. I think both can be equally clean or equally nasty. I mean really have you seen some women’s bathrooms with the nasty mentral pads just laying on the floor where as you guy into a guys bathroom and it just reaks of urine. Yeah I think it’s tied.

3.   Which do you prefer..wordy blog posts or ones with pictures?

I actually like a mixture of both. I like pictures to get an inside look of the blogger’s life but I also like to read their thoughts. I think with a mixture you get the best of both worlds from the blog.

4.   Were you popular in highschool?

No I was far from it. I was the kid always known to pick a fight, push past you, make a rude comment. I never showed up to class and when I did I had the nerve to think that everyone around me better bow down to me. And yet at the same time I never talked to people I didn’t know. I kept to my own circle and I was SEVERLY depressed and self conscious of my looks. Add in the fact that out of 4 years I spent a total of one entire grade in In School Suspension I didn’t have a chance to talk or become popular.

5.   What's your bra size?

Depending on how I want the girls to look either a 36DD or a 38C. If I don’t care and just want to be comfortable then I go with my 38C. BUT if I’m going out with the hubs or want the girls to be perky then I wear my 36DD. Holds them tighter and up.

6.   How many states have you lived in?

I’ve lived in 3 going on 4. California, North Carolina, Oregon, and Kentucky in 2 weeks.

7.   What's one blog you read every day?

Mrs. D’s Exploits of a Military Mama

Expat's Girl The Sand is Different Here

The Improbable Housewife The Improbable Housewife

8.   Peanut butter or Nutella?
Peanut Butter because I don’t like change and the idea of trying Nutella scares the hell out of me. LOL


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