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21 March 2010

Gooooood Morning ladies in blogging land!! Hope today is a lovely day for you all. After a fabulous day at the river in the sun it’s raining today which is fine allows for a lot of cleaning to get ready for the packers.

I took a big leap this weekend and got It’s a Hooah Life a new look. I am in love with it! It suits us perfectly. If you haven’t had a chance to stop on by please do and let me know what you think. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter, constructive critism is an amazing tool in life. The new look wouldn’t have been possible without the fabulous skills of Lindsey at Blogaholic Designs. Thank you so much Lindsey!

Now on to Sunday’s meme!

1.   What year did you graduate high school?

It used to seem like it was yesterday, now it seems forever ago. June 1998 at almost 8 months pregnant with ‘Tater

2.   What part of your body do you neglect the most?

My hair, I really should pay more attention to it since it’s become very dry and brittle but honestly I don’t have the patience to baby it and wrap it every single night. I hate taking care of it. I would probably say after that my tummy. Lol 2.5 inches still.

3.   Beach house or Lake house?

Depends really, am I going to have kids with me? Will I have lost the 2.5 inches that I want off the stomach? If I don’t have kids and the 2.5 is gone then the beach! I love the beach but not with kids. Having kids at the beach is a headache in a half. Trying to walk through the sand with them when they are younger is horrible. But if I’ve got the kidlets with me then a lake house. A lake house is more serene with the kids and they can fish and play in the woods.

4.   Mac or PC?

Well I’ve only ever had a PC but I desperately want a MAC so bad I can taste it. I salvate when I look at Macs.

5.   Did you wear braces?

No. I didn’t need them. I wanted them but even the dentists said I don’t need them. I have one, count that ONE tooth that is slightly turned and you can’t see it unless you’ve pressed your face against mine and stared to death. I count myself pretty lucky.

6.   If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be?

If I could be ONE person? Ohhh well hmmm Oh I know! I’d be a Marine. Any Marine. I have always wanted to be one, I even tried to join a couple times but having ‘Tater and then the rest it just got too unbearable to leave them. Although I would be lying if I said there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder where I’d be if I just took the jump and joined.

7.   How many times have you moved in your life?

Are we talking small moves like from one street to another or are we talking big ones? Hmm oh well here…

El Cajon, CA > Lakeside, CA > Poway, CA > Twentynine Palms, CA > Camp Lejeune, NC /mike’s house > Camp Lejeune, NC/My house > Poway, CA > Mira Mesa, CA > Rancho Penesquitos, CA > Chula Vista/Eastlake, CA > Tierrasanta/Murphy Canyon, CA > Coos Bay, OR/MIL’s house > Empire/Coos Bay, OR/My house > Kentucky (Can I count KY since it’s still 10 days before we head there?)

So in total… 12 going on 13 times

8. Would you rather cook or clean?

Cook without a second question! I love to cook. I can cook all day long as long as I don’t have to clean the dishes when I’m done. LOL

Head on over to MannLannd5 and join the Sunday fun!

5 Voices:

CaneWife said...

I love these getting to know you posts!

Happy Sunday!

Beth McC. said...

I love Getting to Know You Sunday, its a great time to meet new bloggy friends! Loved reading your answers, and your blog is too cute!

Sarah Beth said...

Love the new format - looks great!

Elizabeth said...

Your new look is great.. keep it!

Anonymous said...


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