It's okay to use trash TV as a form of medication

11 March 2010

Wanna know a secret? Sharon from transportation called me yesterday apologizing for the mix up on numbers. Why you ask? We are allotted 8,000 lbs. and our weight totaled 9,065 lbs. I was originally under the impression we were only 250 lbs. over. Hmm yeah I really truly do not know what else to get rid of in our house. Everyone keeps pushing me to do a partial DITY but with driving the kids and pets 2600 miles ALONE I want to be selfish and not have haul 1,000 lbs of our stuff either. Oh well that will work itself out as we get closer. Till then the point of my post.

I will be the first to admit that once the kids are asleep you can find me vegging in bed watching mindless trash TV. The Man can’t stand it. Drives him bonkers. When he catches me watching them, he’ll make snide little comments about my intelligence being sucked away and if I dare to leave the remote unattended he will have the audacity to grab it and turn the show off. I mean who in their right mind would feel that it is their duty to deprive their wife’s NEED to watch “reality” TV? Doesn’t he realize this is my way of escaping poopy diapers, whining runny nose toddlers, Miss pre-period hormone raging attitude pre-teen, fielding the constant tattle tales from Mr. “I’m the middle kid but still feel I deserve the same privileges as my older sister”? For his own safety to ensure that he will live to see the sun rise another day that I HAVE to watch these shows to regain the very little bit of sanity that is left! For the last 6 months I have been indulging in every show possible, DVR’ing them in case I am swept away by George Strait look alike Mr. Sandman, I don’t miss a minute of the dead beat fathers, over drunkenness skirt rising, hair pulling fights. With that said, I am so incredibly sad to see another season of The Bad Girls Club ended this week. Now I must find another new show. I did see that the We TV is going to have a new show starting soon called Sunset Daze. It follows old people in their retirement community! O.M.Gee can you just imagine the drama that will blossom on that show? I am actually giddy about getting to watch it.

** WARNING WARNING If you're on a diet PLEASE do NOT scroll down! WARNING WARNING**

When I’m too lazy to make an actual “meal”, I break out my favorite food.. Comfort Burritos.

They are so incredibly simple to make. Brown some sausage, we like the maple flavor. Sizzle the bacon, we like hickory smoke or brown sugar cured. Add a butt ton of butter and brown up some hash browns. Now the other day we were out of them but I had some o’brian taters and they worked just fabulous! Once everything is ready, scramble the eggs up. Before the eggs are set, add in your favorite cheese, sausage, hash browns, and you can even crumble the bacon up. I prefer my eggs to be totally dry, I know there are some out there that like them in their “wet” stage (if you are one please no offense) but that’s just yuckies for my pallet. Serve up on a warm tortilla and then top with your favorite. One of the kids likes chunky salsa and sour cream on theirs while I prefer to drown mine in ranch.

Sit down with your favorite movie, kick your feet up and enjoy. Now this meal is PERFECT for anytime of the day, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late night snack. It’s filling and oh so yummie!

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Tina said...

That meal sounds awesome! I swear we are married to the same man. My hubby hates when I watch the VH1 and MTV reality shows, he would rather watch the History channel or Discovery. Told him I don't want to learn any more about the past, I'm studying sociology by watching these shows! LOL.

Tina @ The Floundering SAHM

Jenny said...

okay...i am a personal trainer but that looked really good. maybe its b/c i am hungry.

i like you watch all the reality garbage and my husband says it will rot my brain. can't help it, i love that stuff!

hope you figure the weight issue out before your move...where are you moving to?

Ms. Diva said...

I made those, without the potatoes only cause I didn't have any, and with avocados and Tapitio!! It's a great pack it up and go food. We had two softball games last night and no chance to eat at home!!! Tonight I'm on top of it and have spagetti sauce with italian sauage already in the crockpot!!!

JenJen said...

uh, trash TV is a must! My hubbs doesn't "watch" it, per se, but I catch him laughing and repeating moments (like Rock of Love kisses) later in the week. He's secretly addicted, too!! And why shouldn't he be? I love watching other people's drama. You are right! It drowns out our own!

thehomemadecook said...

I don't know what I would do without trashy tv. Thank God for Hulu! My husband knows he won't get fed if he did that to me. In fact he'll actually kind of get into it...he's addicted to The Hills


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