The move has allowed for a hijack of my immunity

16 March 2010

It’s safe to say I am over this move; completely over it. If I could I would pack up the truck right now and get on the road. I really only less than 2 weeks now but it’s killing me. I took down all the pictures, calendars, posters, etc off the walls yesterday. Sitting here staring at the blank walls I wish I hadn’t. I should have waited till the night before the movers came. The blank walls are harassing me, almost teasing me to a point.

My “trailer”. It’s okay you can laugh. I couldn’t comprehend how big a 4’ x 8’ trailer was and how much I could fit into it. So I made my own.

I even had a wonderful helper. Although she was a tad bit lazy making me move all the boxes while she yelled and growled directions.

I spent more than a better part of yesterday playing phone tag. The Man said finance in KY told him that TMO at Ft. Lewis would start the advance. I called TMO. To start with the girl was rude as can be. Kept telling me to contact my CO. Hmmm news flash sweetheart I don’t have one and if you stopped cutting me off you’d know that. Finally told to call finance at Ft. Lewis, so I did. The guy there said he can’t help call TMO back. I called, and called, and called some more. Spoke to 2 different people who gave me 2 completely different answers. I finally gave up for the day because my head was starting to spin. I will be tackling this again today. I NEED that advance to get the u-haul and get hotel rooms on the way out there.

Which reminds me; I still need to plot our drive. On paper and in my head it should take me 3.5 days. Realistically driving with a 1 year old, potty training 3 yr old, pea size bladder 8 yr old, miss know it all who will be texting nonstop 11 yr old, a neurotic dog, and 2 paranoid cats it will be more like 10 years. As much as I’d love to make stops and visit, I have this terrible image of being broadcasted on’s Nancy Grace as she tears me to shreds for leaving a kid behind. Therefore I’ve crossed off seeing the “Biggest Ball of Yarn” or “The largest collection of toe jam”. I know you are all just as devastated as the kids; actually I think ‘Tater may have given herself whip lash when I kept moping about it.

This cold that Princess and Monkey have sent my way is slowly creeping into my body and killing me. I feel my insides turning to mush, my brain is slowly being devoured. I can’t remember where I put things, or even if I am supposed to get out of bed. My sinuses resemble the little alien guy in the chestbuster scene from Aliens. The throat is on fire worse than Southern California fire season. Okay MINOR over exaggeration but still I’m sick with no one to take care of me. Wait rewind, Princess did but she rubs her snot bubbles on me as she growls when leaning in for a kiss.

I honestly had one more paragraph I wanted to ramble about. BUT I got caught up into watching Behind the Rose on 20/20 about the behind the scenes of The Bachelor. It was 2 hours, 2 hours too long and yet I couldn’t turn it off no matter how hard I tried.

Okay it's bugging me, I need to know. What's the proper way to respond to comments? I normally just respond to them via email. But then I wondered, am I being intrusive to people's inboxes and invading their privacy?

10 Voices:

Kel said...

What a cute helper! Good Luck with the move!

Small Burst said...

Wow. moving is such a headache. I can totally relate having to move a couple times across the country. Hope things go smoothly from here. BTW-love the trailer layout. Makes complete sense to me...

Ms. Diva said...

That trailer layout was brillant!!! As teh grass is always greener, because I would love to move to anywhere but here!!!!

Noel said...

I never would have thought to make my own trailer. That idea would've come in handy while figuring out how much crap I could shove in my truck.

I just got done packing because I'm going to kansas in (omg) less than 30 days, then to Washington. Had I known you were so good at it, I'd have let you do it for me :D

Jenny said...

first...hope you feel better. it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with the move even with all the chaos surroudning it!

as for comments. i email people...but then sometimes i go to their blog and comment. i think both ways are respectful.

parentingBYdummies said...

Moving blows. Driving far with a car load of kids blows harder. The Bachelor things sucked me in too, but the fact that I had to pause it a bazillion times to yell up to my kids sorta ruined it. And, I respond via you feel inbox-violated? Hope not:) Good luck with your move, even though I know it will take more than luck to make it go smoothly!

Elizabeth said...

What a unique idea, taping out the trailer dimensions like that! Pure genius, I tell you. Call me.. I have an idea about mapping the drive.

sarah said...

I got anxiety just reading about your move...I so dont handle things like that well at all. You're a supah star!

As for the responding to comments, I've been trying to figure out the same thing...the onlt problem for me is that alot of people who comment don't have email working on their profiles...or maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

Anonymous said...

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