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09 March 2010

Did you know that 850 peanuts go into making 1 18oz. jar of peanut butter?

Normally I write my posts the night before and was in the process of writing one. I woke up sometime around 11 with a bunch of different letters and numbers on the screen. I tried my hardest to decipher what I wrote but it was a no go.

Last night I did something I have never done with my kids in almost 6 years. ‘Tater came home with yet another round of straight A’s. I didn’t feel like cooking so I got us all ready and we went to Sizzler. I think I’ve eaten there once in 10 years and really couldn’t remember if I liked it or not so off we went. Now I do not take these kidlets anywhere by myself except for Wal-Mart because it’s the one place that when they have their attitudes they blend in and aren’t the 2 o’clock showing for lookie-loo know it alls. It’s not that the kidlets are horrible heathen monsters that are straight descendants of Hades. It’s just that they seem to think at times that they can do what they want when dad’s not around. Normally Princess squirms and runs in one direction, Monkey takes off in the other. While I’m debating on whom to chase after ‘Tater and Lil t’ attack each other with no gloves. The bickering and trying to one up each other starts small, like who had more homework then the other and it grows and grows till I have blown my lid and everyone is grounded till they are 90.

It wasn’t like that though. The kids all sat down, they ate, they didn’t argue. Even Monkey remembered that we didn’t pray and he said prayer for us. Maybe it was because of the stern lecture I gave in the truck on the way there. Who knows but it worked!  I have to admit at one point I wondered if the food was drugged because they were just too nice, quiet, and helpful. I kept waiting for the hammer to fall from one of them. But it didn't happen! The kids wanted to check out the waves since the wind had been blowing like crazy so off we went. The beach is literally a 10 minute drive from my our house, well when you don’t get stuck behind the super slow old folks who Flintstone their way along the road.  Sadly though we don’t go often since even during the summer the water is WAY too cold for the kids.

The road right before it opens to the beach

Viola! We’ve hit the beach. You can take your trucks out on the sand as long as you have 4x4 but I refuse to off road alone with the kids.

There is still a lot to be done, unfortunately with it raining it makes it hard to go outside to the shed to and start pulling things out. I did however was able to get rid of 3 boxes of clothes, 1 box of books, and a box of misc household items! I figure if I can get rid of some more, the beer fridge, and the 3 window AC’s that hopefully I’ll get us under our weight limit and won’t have to get a trailer. I am on a mission. I do NOT want to take a trailer.

The Man did something completely surprising yesterday. I knew he was going to the shop but had no clue what he was going to get. Let me just say prior to him going to the shop was a huge fight. I have been DYING to get back under the needle for a while. I have all these ideas plus a coverup I want done. I do NOT spend a dime on myself and when I do it’s after searching high and low for the cheapest item possible. I will blow money on the kids and him like crazy but I just don’t for myself. I mean shoot I NEED a new camera and still haven’t convinced myself to spend the money and get one. So we had a rough couple hours of communication. 

I then got this picture…

The flag represents him being in service, the Stargazer lily represents me, and the dog tag has our last name and wedding anniversary on it. I told him he’s stuck with me forever and ever now. His response was that was fine with him. I cried when he wrote me the email that went with the picture. We have had our ups and downs, we have come so close to divorce that it literally only took a signature for it to be done. We have come back and become stronger than before. As soon as money permits, which who in the heck knows again, I’m going to get the same one on my shoulder blade. I am so incredibly in love with it. 

4 Voices:

Jenny said...

Love the beach looks really peaceful out there!

I hear you on not buying stuff for yourself. I do it all the time. I think the last thing I bought for myself was a coke!

Such a nice tribute too..

Sarah Beth said...

Aww, how sweet! I'm excited for you guys in this new stage, with the move and all! The tattoo seems well-timed, too. :)

Vivianne's Vista said...

Your family is beautiful! That was so sweet of your husband- isn't that like men though? They piss us off then do something to make your heart melt! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Rebekah C said...

Wow, that is so touching! Every now and then they do something that just gets right to the heart of it, lol.

Lovely blog, you have a beautiful family!


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