Sometimes it's hard to find the golden lining in things

02 March 2010

Every time I think things are going smooth I run into what some will call a hiccup. Sadly though, what is a hiccup to you or someone else is like the Grand Nile to me. I try very hard to not over react or let myself obsess over it but I can’t stop it. I can’t think and process first, instead as childish as it seems, I freak out cry and then when it’s processed I think it through. During my "freak-outs" I honestly can't see a single positive thing around me. The panic I feel within is just so incredibly unreal at times. It’s annoying. It’s embarrassing. But even with going to therapy it’s the one thing I can’t get rid of without going back on meds. And really I’ve learned to deal with it and make adjustments for it so why should I go back on medicine just to fix one thing when everything else has been fixed and put into place.

With that said, I was finally able to get a hold of the housing lady at the new base post (must remember the Army calls it post where as we called it base in the Navy). I do not know what got into my head that it would quick and easy to get into a 4 or 5 bedroom house. I really don’t. I remember the wait time for one in San Diego took almost 10 months to get into. The housing lady burst my bubble today by informing me that the wait for a 4 or 5 bedrooms would be 12 to 24 months. I about had a heart attack. She offered to put us on a wait list for a 3 bedroom that will only be from 5 to 6 weeks approximately.  I am trying not to find negatives on this. Trying. Very. Very. Hard. We are currently living in a 3 bedroom; the boys are at each other’s throats having to share a room. ‘Tater has her own room. And I know this sounds absolutely horrible. I’m sure someone will shake their head and say I’m wrong. With that I gave up my walk in closet to Princess. It has a window, not huge but enough to let the sun shine and give her fresh air. She has half the closet for her and the closet has a heater. It’s not the “ideal” spot but really at a year old she only uses her room to sleep. I know, horrible. I feel guilty about it all the time. Originally she was supposed to only be there for a couple months till she finally started sleeping through the night and wouldn’t wake ‘Tater up. She has been sleeping through the night for 3 months and I still haven’t moved her. I like her being super close to me and that I can get her if I need to. When we move she will have to move to share with ‘Tater though. Looking on the housing list, the 3 bedrooms have only 1 baths. ONE bathroom. That makes me want to run and hide. I can’t imagine sharing a bathroom with everyone. These kids are horrible, always hogging the hot water, the toilet forcing me to potty dance outside because right now we have 2 bathrooms and they take both of them from me.  

I just have to keep reminding myself that in the grand scheme of things; it doesn’t matter what size house we live in as long as we are together. We will manage and tough it out because being cramped is a minor inconvenience to the kids seeing their daddy every day and me getting his kisses. We will survive it and the minute it’s possible, we’re going on the 4 bedroom wait list next year and get into them.

Now if I could just get the lady who 1. Couldn’t remember my last name to save a life while on the phone with her, 2. Couldn’t get The Man’s social right to save another life and then 3. Can’t return phone calls to save my dog; to answer some more questions I had about their housing, I’d be smiling and moving right along with this move. 

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Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Have y'all considered living off-post? I know it can be more inconvient as far as your husband having to commute and not having the PX and everything right there, but sometimes you can actually save money.

Taylor and I have always lived off post because we're able to pocket extra BAH.

Regardless, good luck, sweetie! I hope it works out just fine for you.

Jenny said...

well...i hope that you find something soon. my husband was in the Air Force and he hated living on base and the waiting list was always long for anything.

Crossing my fingers that you get more room!

Kelly said...

Where are you all headed to? Like the others say, have you looked into off-post housing? Check out Craigslist and We live about 10 minutes from post and end up pocketing a little bit extra every month (depending on utilities for the month). Good luck!!

CaneWife said...

Oh, that sounds so frustrating! I hope it all works out quickly!

Stacy said...

Good luck with everything! And don't feel guilty about Princess being in the friend has done the same thing with her daughter and she's 18 months!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh. That is such a pain. I have heard horror stories. We aren't a military family but I have a great friend who had one and WOW, the stories she told... Good luck! I am glad you are all together too. That is a beautiful thing.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I hope things get better!


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