Facebook games and cat pee can ruin a whole morning

18 May 2010

I got up early to write a post but honestly got sucked into playing facebook games. I feel ashamed. I have no backbone to them. I am a sucker to their cute little graphics, leveling up, and trying to hoard all my veggies.

Who ever in the world invented these games, did not invent them for the busy person who can not spare time to sit around and play them. I literally lost an hour of productiveness today. AN HOUR?! *gasp*

I must confess also that while I would love to say I am up to date on our laundry, I’m far from it and because of that I’m wearing maternity capris. *hangsheadinshame* They are so flipping comfortable though, it’s hard not to resist them, plus they make my thighs look smaller and my butt looks great in them.

Have a day and a half of training for home daycare, and I feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. The rules and regulations, the way we have serve food, making meal menus, etc. My head is just swimming around in circles. My goal though is to put everything into action this weekend to be ready for a pre-inspection next week, followed by my real inspection on the 3rd of June so I can open on June 7th. That’s the plan for now, but with these messy kidlets of mine I hope I don’t have to push out. I am slowly trying to get them converted to using paper towels. *gasp* I about died when I realized just how much paper waste a home daycare creates. Which reminds me, need to look into a composite heap container for all this waste. It’s going to suffocate my little green hole that I’ve made. *snifflesnortsniffle*

With that I have to fly like the dickens. Must shove my awfully huge comforter into the back of the Dodge, since ‘tater was so kind as to not scoop the cat litter, so they retaliated by peeing on MY comforter. Why is it everytime she doesn’t scoop the litter right, they attack MY room, not hers? It’s just not fair! I love our cats but seriously this is just reason #416413684351354 of why I can't stand cats and prefer dogs.

3 Voices:

Renee said...

Eeeck... I HATE the smell of cat pee. you can never get it out (it seems). Even when you do... I can almost swear to still smell it! Good luck with that one!

Enjoy your day!

Kassandra said...

My mom is a Vet Tech so we ended up with all the sickly and unwanted cats, dogs, and other animals in our house. I always thought I would love to have pets when I grew up, but after having to lint roll my BDUs and Class A's for cat and dog hair that never seemed to all come off, and having them go on the floor all the time, I don't think we will ever get pets. I love animals, but with 2 little ones, that is more than enough mess for me, lol.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh my gosh! You crack me up. I hope everything goes smooth!


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