Happy Mother's Day

09 May 2010

My day hasn't started the best. I've got a hangover to kill a 100 rhinos and Dirt Diver is still drunk plus his breathe reeks of JD's Whiskey. BUT on the plus side I did get to sleep in till 0900, unfortunately it was on the couch with drool crusted all over the side of my face. Yes I drool. And I'm pretty sure I was talking in my sleep since I had some crazy dreams. I'm running off 5 hours sleep too so if this isn't coherent then please blame the UFC fight we hosted last night.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. I don't have very many pictures of me and my mom together. But there is one tht I have that I only have in a 4x6 picture from my wedding to Dirt Diver. It's my favorite picture of the world. To me that year was the beginning of a lot of new changes in our lives that reshaped our relationship to something that I absolutely adore.

When I was a kid, she was my hero. No one was as cool as her. Then we moved to Poway and life started changing for me. I ran with the wrong crowd and even worse when I got into high school. There are a lot of things I got involved in that honestly I don't think she knew but looking back on how horrible of a kid I was toher, I can never thank her enough for keeping me under her roof. If the shoes were on my feet I probably would have kicked her a long time ago. But she didn't. She loved me, had faith and hope that I would change.

Through life I've made some horrible choices that have caused me a lot of heartache and stress. That have shaped the way my anxiety works now. And through it, she suffered through my demons with me. She has never left my side when I was absolutely at my rock bottom. She has never turned her back afraid of the monster she's seen in me at times.

I can never thank the Lord for giving her to me. I truly don't think parents are blessed with kids but kids are blessed for their parents. we are the complete opposite from each other, but I think that makes it fun. She has a lot of qualities in her that I would DIE to have. She's artistic, organized, and patient.

Another reason why I admire her so much, is she took a MAJOR step that honestly I doubted would ever happen. After living in San Diego literally a couple miles from my grandparents my whole entire life, she packed up her house, retired and moved to Missouri. She bought her first home at 49. She did this all on her own even after filing bankruptcy twice. She gives me hope that I can turn our crappy finances around and make a better life for my family.

Mom if you are reading this, I love you mroe then anything in the world. I looking forward to when you visit at the end of the month. After having you so close for so long, this past year has been hard being away, but I think it's shaped us even more.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

2 Voices:

Amber said...

Happy Mother's Day! There is no better way then to wake up with a hangover headache! That means you had an aaaaa-mazing night last night! Woohoo!

I you have a great day!

BTW..I grabbed your button for my button roll:)

Elizabeth said...

Of course I'm reading this. I do every day. I love you. When you love someone, you are there for them. My relationship with my own mother sucks and I don't want that for you. Thank you for being my daughter.


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