Where is the reset button on life?

13 May 2010

This week has been flying by in some aspects while others it's dragging. For the most part I can't believe it's Thursday! Woohoo! Yesterday during training we had an exercise of having to draw a zoo with 3 animals. I can't stop laughing at our zoo and had to share it...

Don't cya just Love the name of our zoo? *snickersnortgigglesnort* Wouldn't you pay $25 per person to have monkey poo flung at you? I know I sure as heck wouldn't.

I having a lot of fun doing training for home daycare, but I still have reservations about it. Mainly because of my past and the fact that every time my ex-husband gets mad at me, he calls CPS. I only have 1 misdemeanor from back in 2000. I hate having to be "guilty" and deemed unworthy because of stupid mistakes that I made literally the last one was back in 2004. For 6 years I've tried to keep myself out of trouble, wheel in my reactions to things. It's so hard when my ex-husband and our kids are involved.

Back in 2004 I spent 4 days in jail because I refused to let my ex drive with 'Tater and Lil t' drunk after he had taken them out to dinner. In the course of putting the kids in their car seats, he had come out of the restaurant and was just suffering from drunken mouth diarrhea that was made worse by "cant stand my ex-wife" syndrome. As I was closing the car door, he blocked me and threatened me. I had it. I held off and clocked him in the face, dislocating his jaw and giving him a bloody nose. He called the police and I was sent down the river. Spent 4 lovey days where I had to give up my labret piercing, my hair became an untangle mess, and I lost literally 10 lbs because of the nastiest food ever; only to have him drop the charges.

Yes yes I know physical violence does not solve the case. Unfortunately when dealing with him, I used to be like a soda bottle shaken up till I exploded and he knew it. Now I just hang the phone up on him and ignore his nasty emails printing for use in court.

There seriously need to be a reset button, for when we are stupid and can erase those from our life. Never to follow us, being an ugly burden of stress and explanations. Kinda like the Big Red Easy button? Oh man could you just imagine life if we all had one?

Back to the subject at hand; it's just frustrating going through the training, being expected to make my house ready for daycare only to be told at the end that they don't want me to because of my background. Wish they would have just said yes or no before I took this step.

I am a worry wart in nature though, so I will continue to worry and stress, lay sleepless in bed thinking about my past and how I still can't get past this nasty Grey cloud following me around in life.

In other news, we got our trip permit for 30 days for our Dodge! WooHoo!! Hopefully our plates will come in before then though. I have literally been able to drive my new Dodge a total of 1.5 weeks since Dirt Diver bought it for me back in March. Doing out of state registration is a PITA when I can't be in the office to talk to someone, thankfully the Oregon DMV answers the phones themselves and has no problem talking with me. California needs to take a lesson from them.

And as I type this, my dog is chewing his back. I hate to say this but I think he's coming down with those nasty little pests! *gagcoughgg* I am desperately searching for a vet that will write me a Comfortis prescription for him since Frontline does absolutely nothing for him, at least not in Oregon it didn't.

*gaah* I am so random this morning.

6 Voices:

Jen said...

All I have to say is GOOD FOR YOU for clocking him in the face :)

Jessica said...

If he dropped the charges, then it isn't a problem anymore, is it? Too bad that the cops couldn't see that you were trying to protect your kids!

Kena said...

LOL! Flinging Poo!

So glad you clocked him in the face. He sounds like he deserves it and some more.

I also nominated you for an award over at my blog! :) I thought it might brighten your day.

Janel said...

I think we all would have done the same thing!! Even if we dont admit it!!

As for the fleas you can get something called capstar it is a pill that will actually kill all the fleas on the pup! Then whatever flea preventative willhave a better chance! The stuff is AMAZING!!!! I think they make a preventative as well not sure though!

Good luck! And for the record I know people who now own home daycare as well as centers that have had serious convictions!!! drug, theft, and one even drove drunk and killed a guy! And she got her daycare 3 years later! she was only out of prison for 4 weeks when she opened her door! So keep your head up!!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Dude. You're amazing. What a prick. I'd've punched him and kneed him where the sun don't shine. I wanted to do home daycare but couldn't make up my mind about if its worth the money I'd put out. I don't have kids so I have zero toys and such. Good for you though!!

日月神教-任我行 said...



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