As the week ends, a new door opens

18 June 2010

I really had nothing in my head to share about until now! After a month of classes, paperwork, background checks, scrubbing the house, rearranging our furniture and living space; today is the day. Today I got the approval from the office that I’ve met all requirements and tht I’m officially open for business today! *happydanceinmychair*

Now if the calls would just start coming so I can get into it and get a new routine going. It's deffinitly not like San Diego when I did daycare. There the phone would never stop ringing and people were constantly emailing you. Here everyone's struggling to find a job that doesn't require them to drive to timbuckto and back.

Anyways here's my daycare. I'm not sure if I like the set up right now but we'll see how it goes once kids are enrolled.

On the other side of the mirror and drawer is a book case plus a child size chair for silent reading. 

Oh and the best part of it all, I got these done. They're up in the main registration office plus the home daycare office.

I didn't particularly pick the name "Munchkin Manor" but it came down to letting the kids pick. 'Tater actually picked "Crewcuts & Pigtails" which I totally adore BUT when I say it, I think of a salon. So it got vetoed. This was the kids 2nd choice, it's growing on me the more as they say it. 

And with that I think I am going to go sneak a nap while the little ones sleep. Doubt that will happen since I'm watching Rent on FX and I absolutely ADORE the score for this musical!

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blessing said...

Awww...this is so nice. I like the set up so far. If you were close to me, I would have loved to work with you. I need a daycare for my daughter when I start work. This is real nice!!! Good job, I am so happy for ya.

Musings Of An Army Wife

Expat Girl said...

Good luck with it all! If I lived closer you could definitely have maddie when I went back to work!

mannadonn said...

OMG Rent is one of my absolute favorite movies!!!

Congratulations on getting the daycare approved and ready! I'm sure the calls will start coming in soon. It looks like a really fun place. I may come stay there...LOL! Good luck and keep us posted!!

Sarah Beth said...

So cute - your daycare looks so nice! I hope you get a ton of calls, soon (but not TOO many! :))

Mrs. S. said...

Cute! I'm so proud of you for sticking with all the shiz that creeped up and getting it done!

amuddypaw said...

Thanks sweetie. It sure was a headache but worth it in the end.

amuddypaw said...

Thank you. Hopefully I'll get some calls. I really promise not to duct tape other people's kids.

amuddypaw said...

I can't believe it took me this flipping long to see the full movie from start to finish. Absolutely beautiful movie.

You can come stay any day. lol

amuddypaw said...

You could commute! I'd spoil Maddie so much and I know Monkey would love her. He's complained that Princess is too big and gets in his way now. lol


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