I can only handle Mother Nature so much

22 June 2010

And this is one time where I just can’t. No matter how hard I try.

When I started on our Clot Diaper adventure, I made certain things VERY clear to Dirt Diver and ‘Tater on how to deal with poopy diapers. For the past 17 months, we’ve had only 1 issue with the ammonia stink, 2 loads not get washed right, and 2 Velcro's on my BG’s come undone (which reminds me…now that I know where my sewing machine is, I really should fix those BG’s). Anyways we’ve had very minor issues, until the other day.

With that said, I completely under estimated the humidity and heat here in Kentucky. Plus Dirt Diver failed to mention of a poopy diaper that didn’t get shook into the toilet when Princess was changed. Sunday I went to do a load of diapers, found the missing poopy diaper and fell apart.

I picked it up with no care in the world until I realized I flung something MOVING on my face! Screaming, the funny jump dance does not do justice to my hysteria of moving things attacking my face. After calming down while my body is still shaking from shock, I look down to find the most horrific scene EVER to happen to one our diapers. There it laid on the floor MOVING! Once my eyes started to focus better I realized it wasn’t the diaper it was what was ON it. It is NOT normal for maggots to be covering your FAVORITE Bagshot Row Bamboo diaper! NOT NORMAL! I about died. I literally sat in the front yard and rushing to get it outside while screaming “EWW DAMNIT MOTHER F’ING TRUCKER KNUCKER”, with sweat beading up and spilling down my back crying over a diaper. It’s one of the very few that I bought brand spanking new.

I tried to convince myself that I could salvage it. I tried to convince myself that I could forget that I ever saw maggots withering around that beautiful diaper. I tried to convince myself that I could get it back to normal. And then reality hit, I have a HARD time forgetting things like that. I would wash it and it would literally never be touched again. I had a fear that I would never be able to get it clean again. It’s sitting in a bag, free of the maggots, hanging on the outside of our outside garbage can waiting for me to make a choice.

What would you do? Try to save it or toss it with hopes of getting another later?

6 Voices:

blessing said...

LOL...that sounded like me stepping in poop! Sorry dear...just get rid of the damn diaper, you dont even need to wash it.


MrsGambizzle said...

I have something for you


Oh and you should probably get rid of it... however I am a lot like you and would probably try ti salvage it normally, but I don't do any sort of worms or bugs or larvae well so I'd probably have to get rid of that one...

mannadonn said...

Oh no! I would toss that thing in the blink of an eye! I wouldn't ever get that vision or thought out of my mind. I would think they were still in there are would crawl all over my baby girl. No way no how! OMG! I am so traumatized right now for you!!!

Mary Teresa said...

I'd chuck it and whoever failed to shake it would be getting a riot act read to them. I just started reading you the other day. Thanks for writing!

Donnetta said...

Yowser! I'd HAVE to get rid of it! I don't know that I could overcome the heebie jeebies!

Mrs. S. said...

Oh Lord above I'd have f'ing tossed that nasty bugger!


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