(not so wordless) Wordless Wednesday

30 June 2010

I'm starting to think I can't ever post a Wordless Wednesday post without talking. I fail at being quiet. Remember the good ole days of ISS aka In School Suspension where you had spend the WHOLE stinking day in a classroom with your best trouble making friends and a horrible smelling annoying fun crushing teacher that just BEGGED for you to egg him on and you had to stay absolutely SILENT during the day? Yeah I never made it. Always got more and more and more. Sadly I am pretty sure I spent a whole year of high school in ISS because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. 

I digress like usual.

Yesterday Princess woke up on the crabby paddy sickie side. I had a ton of laundry to take care of so what’s the best way to take care of a sick baby who wants to be held all day long till your arms fall off and then still expects more? Yupp that’s right! Pulled out the Ring Sling and wore her around the house all day while cleaning, folding, and playing on the computer. My shoulders hurt a tad since I haven’t worn her in a couple months now but man did she love it.

And of course they are HORRIBLE pictures because we still don’t have a working camera so cellphone is what we have to use lately. Thank goodness I have a 4 GB card in my phone. lol

And of course she's happy as a clam today while Monkey is feeling like poo and sleeping the day away.

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2 Voices:

mannadonn said...

Awwww! Poor little baby! What a good mommy for carrying her around and helping her feel better. So sweet. I love the pictures!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Awww, hope she is feeling better.


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