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26 July 2010

Why do I constantly keep having such "high" expectations for the Army, wait no the military in general? You would think after dealing with them for well over 10 years, that I would be used to these things. Nope I'm not and I still let it get to me as well.

This week Dirt Diver leaves for the lovely desert to train before the oh so lovely deployment. Okay fine and dandy, I can handle a month alone. No biggie right? Pssh how bout we just get him out of here first! The date for him to leave has been up, down, and around so much over just one week; I've kinda given up. He'll leave when he leaves. With all the millions and millions of dollars flowing through the military, the college degrees and real life experiences, one would EXPECT that a unit can plan, orchestrate and execute simple things like a "leave date" without messing it up. *gigglesnorthyenalaughattack* I know right?! Funniest thing you've ever heard of. Oh well.

As of right now, the projected date and time for him to leave will have this scenario playing out...

A SUV pulling up to the winger, slowing down, car door open, a soldier in ACU's leaping out, tucking himself and rolling onto the blacktop, while a seabag is being heaved out the window by 2 little sets of hands?

So here's to hoping he's leaving on another day that will allow for the kids to say goodbye in a better manner.

In other news; my VERY first newsletter will be distributed in just 4 short days. I am so incredibly nervous. Didn't help that our FRG leader didn't want to include anything from herself nor did our CO want to write anything either. That actually makes me very sad, especially with our guys heading off to play Soldier for a while. I don't know, maybe I had higher expectations from them, thinking that since this was our first newsletter, our first big "thing" before the oh so fabulous deployment; that they would want to start it off with a bang but that didn't happen. I'm not giving up though, I will keep asking and hinting each month and hopefully can get them interested in it. I'm not discouraged yet though.

Last month I was approached by our FRG and 1Sgt to jump onto the Army's CARE team. Not sure what they are? Don't worry neither did I. The CARE team is responsible for helping families deal with a death or other tragic event by helping with simple, everyday tasks that may take a back seat in a time of crisis. We are there to ease the first couple of days until the spouse's family members can get there. I also took the steps to become a CARE team member.

This position has caused a couple fights here and there between Dirt Diver; but ultimately he supports whatever i choose. His reasoning is while he's deployed he does not want me to think about the possibility of him not coming home. To sum up my reasoning is very simple... If God forbid something were to happen to Dirt Diver I know without a second thought that I would need their help with the kids; so if I were to use their services why can't I be there for someone else in their time of need. I will pray that my services will never be needed BUT if they are, I am willing to step up and run not just my house but a fellow MilSpouse's as well.

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3 Voices:

Charity said...

I know me and I would have volunteered for the same thing. I think the same way you do.

mannadonn said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you for jumping into the CARE team and taking the FRG newsletter in your hands! You go girl!!

Those men of ours need to understand that we think of those things regardless...

Chelle said...

That's just it! I don't think he realizes that even though he's here or there, that is always my fear and always something I worry about is how will I keep it together for the kids.


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