Sitting with swamp ass does not equal a proper education

27 July 2010

If the words "I can't find it" are uttered one more time today, you WILL see me featured by Nancy Grace for a mother loosing her grip with reality and wrecking terror on her so called beloved family. Today just started on the wrong foot. Could not sleep to save my life, watched the alarm clock count it's way towards 0515, and then the kids were just icing to the cake.

Faijtas were on the menu BUT since Dirt Diver's unit is doing end of month reviews on everyone, chances are he won't be here till the sun has long since parted company with the skies and the stars have come out to party. Breakfast dinner it is then! Dirty scrambled eggs with country 'taters are in order, I do believe. 

I know it's a long shot but I am holding onto a very small glimmer of hope that during said review, Dirt Diver can get a straight answer for why he was passed for the board. Like I said, I am holding onto a SMALL hope.

One thing that's been eating away at me like crazy is 'Tater's open house for school. I have never in my life heard of a open house that will discuss dress code, rules, etc literally only a couple days before school starts. It just boggles my mind that knowing every student on this post in grades 7th through 12th are required to wear uniforms, you'd think they would do this earlier allowing for parents, especially new ones, the time to search out the appropriate clothing. 

*knocking on my fat noogin*Once again though, we all know logical thinking is just redonkulous when it involves order and prepration. 

Another topic for school that isn't just eating at me but literally makes me want to vomit is the thought that not just my kid but all kids here are expected to participate in PE, whether it's running/walking or playing a sport, in their UNIFORMS! I just find that so incredibly nasty. Especially right now with it being so hot, the poor kids already get swamp ass just walking to and from school each day.

When I was in school (and contrary to Dirt Diver's thoughts it was NOT when dinosaurs were eating cavemen) starting 6th grade is when we had PE uniforms. We changed, had a chance to shower if we choose, or at least wash our smelly pits and douse ourselves in stinky smelly crap pretending we didn't sweat the hour before. 

Now nope not even close. This is the 2nd school district in 2 states that has this horrendous policy. 

Why is it that naptime takes FOREVER to get here, now that it's here it's gone and everyone's stirring.
Guess that's my cue to exit.
In the mean time though, curiosity has struck...

What did you wear for PE while in still in grade school?

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8 Voices:

Charity said...

Whatever we had worn to school that day, we didn't get PE uniforms until we were in the Jr-Sr High School starting in 7th grade.

Sarah P said...

Just stumbled over to your blog. I really enjoy your writing style! As for PE, we didn't change for gym class until 7th grade on up. We had to wear blue or black shorts and a white T-shirt for 7th and 8th grade. In High School it was whatever we wanted to wear. I can't imagine NOT being able to change afterward. Bleh...

Rachel--The Kooky Queen said...

Oi, I think I would die if my kids ever had to WEAR uniforms at school! No fun at all!

Mrs. S. said...

Ha ha I went to a retarded elementary school with uniforms and we had to wear ours at all times too!

Chelle said...

LOL When did you get to actually wear PE clothing or absolutely none at all? Like all the way to senior year wearing the same clothing and sweating in them? *shivers*

Chelle said...

I thought the same thing but her uniform isn't TOO bad. She gets to wear Dickies. Sadly though she can't wear red or purple polos and she can't have pullover hoodies anymore. Other then that, I guess it's not that big of a deal. Saves on buying her jeans every month.

Chelle said...

Thank you for stopping by. I had to wear Blue and White with our school logo on it in middle school and then green and grey in high school. I feel the same way, not changing after PE is just nasty. Besides it's promoting bad hygiene to me.

Chelle said...

I started in 6th grade but we still got uniforms after that. I just don't get their mindset in not providing uniforms. Another thing to add to the parent council meeting next month.


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