Sometimes there is not a big enough umbrella...

07 July 2010

to shield ya from the poo being flung at you.

I had intentions of writing a thought out post but then my day went from crappy to shitty all within an hour today. I spent well over 7 hours in the ER with Monkey and Princess. Originally went in for Monkey after he woke me up at 0300 screaming that his ear hurt. Loaded the little ones up and left. While there I was talking with the doctor about Princess not keeping food down for the last week and next thing I know I am standing outside the Triage room while 2 nurses and the doctor held her down trying to find a vein to hook her up to IV’s. Took them 8 tries before they found a vein on her.

I was an absolute MESS at this point. My poor baby who hardly says any clear coherent words was yelling clear as day “MAMAMA” after a while she gave up calling me and starting yelling “dada”. Absolutely friggen horrible, having to do this with any kid never ever gets easier. She ended up getting over 3 bags of saline in the juvenile size, 2 sippy cups of water, 3 bottles of Pedialyte, and about four hours later before she finally peed.

Turned out Monkey has bronchitis and an ear infection. Poor little guy. I felt horrible when they told me, I mean I knew he was coughing but we thought it was just a normal cold.

After I was witness to the sadistic torture of my baby girl, Dirt Diver texted me that he was passed over for E5 board… yet again. 3.5 years in the Navy and now almost a year in the Army as an E4. I don’t even have to see him to know the hurt and anger he’s going on inside him and there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to make him find the positive in this. I have to let it run it’s course till he finds a reason to be happy again. Forcing it upon him only makes things worse. But in the meantime, I will play the avoidance ping pong game like a pro. Not just because I don’t want to deal with his wrath but I know for a fact that my husband is a smidgeon better then who was chosen to go before the board. (I would like to point out that I was petty for a smidgen of a minute and called the other guy every name in the book but deleted it because really he's an awesome guy but he's not Dirt Diver so I'm biased)

Add in to the mix of my stress the never ending financial hole we’re in and desperately trying to dig out of. Unfortunately the hole seems to be getting bigger and bigger while my shovel is getting smaller and smaller. One of these days I’ll win the lotto. I don’t even wanna win it BIG. Just a small amount to get out of debt, plus enough to buy the small farm we want and put money aside for the kids. I love to dream!

Oh well it’s just how life is and somewhere in this grey cloud of unhappiness there will be a rainbow that will shine upon us and make us forget the hard times. Until then today has become a shitty ass horrible rotten no good crappy fucking day.

I'm thinking of taking...


 that will equal 

(although it would NEVER be in this fancy of a glass!)

along with throwing my feet up 

and say 

"Screw you Hump Day"

How do you deal with craptastic days?

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7 Voices:

To the Nth said...

You absolutely deserve a tasty adult beverage, fancy glass or no. Hope your kids bounce back real soon.

Mrs. S. said...

Girl I'm sorry!!! I seriously had a post titled I need a bigger umbrella but didn't post it. Love to you for real!

Itssomethingbeautiful_blog said...

I'm sorry you've had such a hard day. I hope some good news starts coming your way and that you see that rainbow real soon!

When I'm down in the dumps, I either curl up in my bed and watch a good tear jerker movie or I work out and punch that little bag hanging from the ceiling until I'm about ready to pass out.. its my personal counselor :)

mannadonn said...

Oh man I'm sorry babe! I wish I could give you some of the jug of sangria I have in my fridge right now. I hope things get better for you soon ((hugs))

Charity said...

That looks delicious!

Sarah Beth said...

Aww, that does sound like a crappy day! I'm so sorry, Chelle! But, I think your solution looks great - even if it will only make you temporarily feel better! :)

Marissa said...

DO IT! I am lazy and drink a glass of wine :)


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