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13 July 2010

Today was our first full day of business for Munchkin Manor. I was worried that today would just fall apart leaving me bald, blood shot eyes from crying, and the urge to finish the last quarter of whiskey in Dirt Diver's bottle. However, I am happy to report that was NOT the case here. For about 4 hours this morning I had my 3, plus 2 brothers (6 weeks & 2) and 2 sisters (3 &5). It actually went very smoothly much to my surprise.

Has anyone attempted to do "family style" dinning with little kids? Oh my was it a huge mess but they loved it. Ate a ton, they talked amongst themselves, and some even stole from other plates; but they enjoyed it. I was even surprised at how helpful they all were at setting and clearing the table. Even Princess was trying to bring bowls into the kitchen to me. It was awesome.
Right now the only thing that really needs to be worked on is getting Princess to sleep on the naptime mats vs. sleeping in the pitch dark in a crib/pack 'n' play. I spent an hour chasing her and putting her back down. Finally she gave up and fell asleep ONLY to be woken up 20 minutes later by big brother Monkey dropping a toy on her head. Oh wells not the end of the world. She doesn't seem to show too much damage from it.


Started writing yesterday during naptime. Sadly I forgot how a 6 week old baby does not stick to MY schedule. Our naptime is from 1300 to 1500. And of course he was wide awake the entire time. HOLY SNOOKIES I must have blocked out newborn stage because I completely forgot that I can not wash dishes with one hand. Normally I wear my little ones but since he's not mind I won't do that.

Gaah so now I have 4 loads of clean laundry hanging out on Dirt Diver's side of the bed. Sadly they are replacing his presence in our bed. He's been at a training that I REALLY hope that he can actually implement it when he deploys and can find the love for it. He's back into his "I hate the military I want to be a civilian" rollercoaster again. This is NOT an easy ride for me because as much as he tries not to let it sneak into his mindset, it does and next thing I know, I'm fighting the negativity of life in his eyes. We all go through it, I know I have many times as a SAHM, especially when finances are so horrible. I play the "what if" game till I make myself sick and wear the weight of the world on my shoulders. I just try to stay positive, loving, and supportive when this ride takes off.

I MUST start working on a schedule for myself to find time for my daycare, laundry, blogging, FRG, me time, back to school shopping, and quality time with Dirt Diver before he leaves for a month. And yet we all know somewhere along the line, I am going to loose my sanity. Do you think it would be okay if I sported a beer holder hat all day to get me through the days without duct taping my kids?

If you actually followed this all over the place post, more power to you!

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6 Voices:

To the Nth said...

Congratulations on powering through your first full day with a house full of kiddos!

Knit One Max Too said...

You rock!! I keep trying to get rid of kids and you are taking more on!!!

Mrs. S. said...

I am SO happy the first day was a success!! Super proud of you!!

mannadonn said...

Great job on the first day! I'm excited your daycare is up and running. I'm sure you will fall into a routine soon enough! Good luck! How's the newsletter stuff going?

Mary Teresa said...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. I find that herds of children are often eaasier than one or two at a time. We've been through the "mil v. civ" roller coaster too. All you can do is love on that man of yours and support whatever end he comes to. =)

blessing said...

Seems like you are a great multi tasker from what I hear! Keep your head high, or they will run you down...LOL. Glad you were able to blog.


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