A weekend flyby of sorts

10 July 2010

What? Is it possible that I am actually breaking my Saturday rule and posting? It will depend on how fast Dirt Diver gets home from the field. Kinda like the scene in Top Gun where Maverick buzzes the tower. Except I'm not that fast and I don't make that much noise either.

There really is not much to write about honestly. I would just like to give a HUGE shout out to TGI Friday’s and my neighbor for hooking me onto a “girly” drink. I have never in all my drinking years have liked “girly” drinks. I prefer beer and shots of whiskey (Hey what can I say I like a little hair on my chest now and then). Anyways I’ve fallen in love. It’s a love that Dirt Diver isn’t sure he can tolerate since if he were held at gunpoint to place an order he’d order a Strawberry Daiquiri. Man has no concept of branching out beyond Pepsi & Jack I swear. Oh well so this my lovely readers is how I spent my Saturday with Dirt Diver in the field, the kids playing at the neighbors…

I have no shame to admit it. Yes! Yes that is me in a hoodie in the middle of the summer. The outside temp today hit about 92 but our house was a frigid icicle forming 68. I was COLD. I couldn’t stop shivering so hoodie, uggs, and jeans went on, and I refused to go outside where reality would hit me and laugh while I sweated to death.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, ours will be spent with Dirt Diver working while I play FarmVille and other lovely time consuming FB games.

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4 Voices:

Rachel said...

Don't feel bad. I'm almost always in a sweatshirt or hoodie in my house in the middle of summer when outside it's pushing 103! I am just always cold.

mannadonn said...

LMAO!!!! I love it! What is this girly drink that is bright blue??

Renee said...

Yea!! You may it through your 1st day!!! ou will be balancing everything in no time..with beer-thirty in place!

Mrs. S. said...

Ha ha you crack me up!! The drink is such a pretty color!!


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