Confession is good for the soul and marriage

23 August 2010

I always said I’m up for a challenge and guess what? It’s been thrown into my lap. For the past 72 hours I’ve had my phone ringing off the hook between calls and texts from wives in my tree list. Everyone wanting to know their Soldier’s return date. I know people are excited and eager to see their loved ones but holy crap if it’s this crazy and a clusterfuck like it is right now with them being gone for only a month, I can just imagine the hellstorm to come when the end of deployment starts nearing. *shudders* Enough of that,

They say confession is good for the soul and relationships. I guess we shall see, because I can't keep it in any longer. My heart has been heavy lately. This weekend I went on a date with a man who is not my husband. It was kinda unexpected. I really wasn’t looking for anyone. I’ve seen him around a couple of times but never paid much attention, as he is COMPLETELY not even remotely close to the category I am drawn too. It was meant to be just quick, as curiosity got the better of me and I was wondering what he had to offer me Friday night. Upon awaking Saturday morning, I knew this was serious. I could hardly sleep as I found myself laying in bed all night wondering about him, his past, his relationships, where his future was going. I was intrigued by the distance he kept while he reeled me in with every movement of his body and the words that slipped off his tongue.

After laying there for some time debating on what to do, I leapt outta bed and made the choice to introduce him to the kids. I can’t keep such an awesome secret to myself. What an awesome choice I made because he won the heart of ‘Tater. She didn’t want him to leave either. That resulted in a 12 hour date where we never left the couch and just spent the day relaxing. By the time I dragged myself to bed, I couldn’t believe I’ve fallen for someone so different and not even 3 weeks after Dirt Diver went off for training.

I refuse to let him go, I will NOT push him aside just because Dirt Diver is coming home. If Dirt Diver can not support this blooming relationship then he can just find another place to live. There is a true attraction to this guy’s mind and that comes once in a life time they say. However I’m pretty sure that Dirt Diver will enjoy this new relationship and support it with an open mind.

I mean how can any one NOT love Dexter Morgan the blood splatter analyst by day and serial killer by night?!

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8 Voices:

Mrs. S. said...

Bahahahahahaha! YES!

To the Nth said...

I am sitting here with a huge grin on my face and giggling to the point that I am probably scaring the cats. Hilarious!

Little Momma said...

Oh man you had me going with this post... I am such a huge Dexter fan, too! Can't wait to see what will happen in the new season!

Noel said...

I LOVE love LOVE Dexter. I can't wait to introduce K to the second love of my life. However, he already knows how much I love him ;)

Chelle said...

LOL my best friend called me screaming on the phone that I gave her a heart attack. lol

Chelle said...

I just started season 2 so I'm still a ways to go but I have so many curiosities and hopes for his future.

Chelle said...

*snickergigglesnort* LOVE IT! I gottcha. Starting season 2 this week. I have so many hopes and wishes for the direction of his character. I want to read the books too but I heard his character in the books is not even close to being likeable as he is in the show. :(

Jennifer & said...

OMG Dexter....*sigh* I have 2 episdoes of season 3 then i start four......AMAZING!!!!!!


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