Mosquitos and fur are the new terrorists on suburbia

03 August 2010

Ever get up right before the sunset, go outside right before the humidity kicks in and just sit there soaking up the silence. That moment where the world is still asleep and you feel like you're the only one alive? I absolutely love that feeling. The time where I can think without any distractions, my thoughts are still calm because well let's be honest who in the world is really functioning at that hour anyways. *snicker*

Luck has been on our side this week with phone calls but sadly they are going to stop for a week or so as he said last night. My poor handsome Dirt Diver who was hit with a lovely bout of Strep Throat has been diligently trying to finish his training to get his certification for the aviation thingiemaboppers. Yesterday the phone gnomes were looking out and allowed for 5 wonderful phone calls. It pains me to hear him in so much pain and being miserable, wish he could come home so I could be Nurse Betty and sponge bath him to health. *snicker*

I was reintroduced to a VERY important rule of thumb as a mother. When you have been slacking on high and tights on your boys for a month, please PLEASE remember to put OFF on their heads after they get one. Thursday the boys looked like Q-tips and Dirt Diver got them done before he left. Friday night they played outside. Saturday morning they both looked like their heads were a bowl of lumpy oatmeal. HILARIOUS for me to see but the boys didn't find it as funny as they spent the day scratching till I coated them in calamine lotion.

Speaking of mosquito bites, for some very odd reason my right leg has been a free for all to every little mosquito in Kentucky and yet my left leg has yet to be touched. How stinking odd is that? Not that I'm hoping to be eaten alive on the left but it's just got me so perplexed.

Last night I started a new project. I'm going to make the jump from washcloths to a dress. I know I know you are all imagining a horrific scene of me wrapped in yarn while trying to take my life with a pair of knitting needles. It's okay; I did too. It only took me 2 days to do a silly little gauge so I'm guessing it shouldn't take me more then a lifetime to finish the dress for Princess. By then hopefully her great grand kids will be able to use it.

On a serious note, I must confess; as each passing hour goes by I am seriously contemplating shaving our dog. We have been attacked by his fur everywhere lately. I sweep literally every hour and throw away enough fur to refur a hairless St. Bernard. There has got to be a better solution for him. I've tried vacuuming. Yes I did pull out the household vacuum, took him outside, held him down while he yelped for help and sucked and sucked as much as I could. I think it's an epidemic, for every strand I got 300 more appeared on his back or in my mouth or eyes. I wonder if I write to the National Guard and let them know there's been an invasion, if they'll respond and assist me with this terrorist that has infiltrated my house.

For those with pets, how do you win the fight over fur?

Also what tricks do you use to keep the mosquitoes from nibbling at you?
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2 Voices:

Lindsey Turner said...

Well, when it comes to shedding favorite thing is the Furminator. I had a yellow lab, and they are notorious for shedding. Yes you have to do it like twice a week for dogs that shed ALOT, but it is well worth it. Now is really bad to cause it is hot but we are also getting towards the end of summer so the are blowing there coats. The Furminator is like 40-60 bucks depending on what size you get, but well worth the investment. Good luck!

Mrs. S. said...

Poor Dirt Diver!!


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